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    If you are amongst those cord cutters, Apple TV is really something great to have. And, with all the apps available to Apple TV users, one doesn’t really have to pay for cable. Apple TV can serve as your go-to device to watch content from every subscription-based service. But that’s not all Apple TV can bring to the users. In fact, they can use it for checking out housing market, shopping and ordering food. Let’s take a look at some of the best Apple TV apps out there.

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    10 Best Apple TV Apps

    Here is a list of 10 best Apple TV apps that are worth taking a look at. All the apps mentioned here are must-have for Apple TV users.

    1. Hulu

    One of the best Apple TV apps, Hulu is used mostly by those TV shows lovers who never want to miss out on a single episode of their favorite shows. The app offers you thousands of different titles and there are so many day-after-it-airs TV shows available to make sure that you stay up-to-date with everything that goes on. A grand list of movies is also available that gives you everything you need be it a blockbuster hit or a yesterday’s favorite. You can spend your evenings watching game and movie trailers if you always feel excited to find out what’s coming up. Though sometimes the seasons come to Hulu after a certain time period has elapsed and even that can be quite helpful as you can watch episodes quickly and don’t have to wait until new episodes air.

    Hulu-10 Apple TV Apps That Are Must Have


    You can have Hulu for $7.99 subscription fee per month – Download now

    1. Netflix

    Netflix-10 Apple TV Apps That Are Must Have

    Netflix is another gem of an app for those who love movie streaming. Netflix brings new content on a day-to-day basis and there’s always something new available for you to watch and enjoy. The app for the Apple TV users allows for setting up several users as well. It’s quite a handy feature because if you like two different types of content, one doesn’t really mess up the other.

    You can have Netflix for $7.99 subscription fee per month – Download now

    1. GrubHub

    Grubhub-10 Apple TV Apps That Are Must Have

    Just imagine you’re watching one of your favorite movies with a bunch of friends, sitting right there on your couch, and someone comes up with a suggestion that you all should have something spicy to eat. You can pause your movie right there, select your restaurant, order some of your favorite food and get it delivered without having to take the eyes off your Apple TV screen. That’s exactly what you can be able to enjoy with GrubHub. After signing into the GrubHub account that you use, you can be able to browse through an entire list of popular restaurants, order your favorite food, and it is delivered right at your doorstep. Once you have placed the order, you can continue watching the content that you were in the middle of. There are many who use this app on a regular basis, especially, during those movie nights with friends.

    Grubhub can be downloaded for free. However, food prices and the delivery fees tend to vary – Download now

    1. Zillow

    Zillw-10 Apple TV Apps That Are Must Have

    If you always on the lookout for some of the best real estate properties, for whatever reason, Zillow is a must-have for you on your Apple TV. It gives you access to some of the perfectly staged homes that appear to be really appealing to the potential buyers. You can find out many amazing homes for sale even in your desired neighborhood whether you want to check out how they look from inside or even want to make a purchase. Whether or not you’re looking for new home, there are always some wonderful ideas that you can consider for remodeling your place.

    Zillow is also a free app to download and gives you everything you need related to real estate – Download now

    1. YouTube

    YouTube-10 Apple TV Apps That Are Must Have


    Yet another must-have in the Apple TV apps, YouTube is your place for everything you need when it comes to entertainment. When you don’t really have anything to watch on the paid streaming apps, you can spend some leisure time on YouTube. You can even subscribe to different channels and catch them up on weekends. You can find your favorite music to play and can even have your favorite playlists that you can listen to whenever you are in mood. You can even find some crazy videos to watch that can serve to be your favorite past time when you have nothing to do.

    YouTube is free to download and lets you enjoy unlimited videos – Download now

    1. Kitchen Stories

    Kitchen Stories-10 Apple TV Apps That Are Must Have


    You can use your Apple TV to watch some of the best Kitchen Stories. It’s similar to watching some cooking show with minimalist design where you can pick and choose what exactly you’d like to learn. There are some of the most stylish videos and they are not too long either. There are some interesting soundtracks that play along to attract more of your interest towards every video. Once you have watched a video, you can jump to actual recipes right on your iPhone/iPad. One thing that everyone likes about Kitchen Stories is that it offers lots and lots of small how-to videos. With these small how-tosyou can quickly perfect the art and start experimenting with your own stuff.

    Kitchen stories can also be downloaded for free- Download now

    1. Hyper

    There are so many videos out there on the internet some of which look cool and some look awful. It’s not just the story of YouTube but the entire web is full of such stuff. But with Hyper on your Apple TV, you can get your hands on some of the best videos available. The best part is that you can get them in the timeliest manner. There are filmmakers who curate these videos and update them on daily basis giving you access to best available content on your device. There are ten latest videos uploaded on daily basis. It is possible for you to check out the earlier dates as well if somehow you miss your videos on a particular day. Select videos that are of your interest and subscribe to the channels if you want to have more of them. Hyper gives you an all-new experience for checking out latest videos on internet.

    You can download Hyper for free – Download now

    1. Daily Burn

    Daily Burn-10 Apple TV Apps That Are Must Have


    Apple TV comes with many positives and the best amongst them all is that it lets you use the workout apps at your home. There’s no need to make any excuses as to why you cannot workout at the gym as everything is available right there at your home. Daily Burn gives you a perfect way of tracking your workouts and can fulfill all your specific needs. It lets beginners to start slowing and then make gradual changestowards the better. There are quite a few different exercises such as yoga, pilates and cardio workouts. In addition, you can also choose your point of focus for a particular day. For instance, it can be legs today and then tomorrow you can move to abs. And, you can control everything from your TV at your own convenience.

    Daily Burn requires you to have a subscription for $14.95/month – Download now

    1. Amazon App

    Amazon App-10 Apple TV Apps That Are Must Have

    If you’re getting too excited then, remember, it’s not the Amazon Prime content streaming that we’re talking about here. However, the app gives you access to shopping part of Amazon. You can do all the shopping sitting right there on your couch. Browse some of the popular products, check out their reviews and have some insights into the item that you’re interested in buying – everything right there on your Apple TV. If you’re Amazon prime account holder, it’s also possible for you purchase items on your Apple TV. You can also save stuff to buy it later on simply by putting it into the wishlist. However, bear one thing in your mind that the app doesn’t give you access to the entire Amazon website. It is not possible to check out the account information, Daily Deals and other such stuff. However, if you have something specific in your mind that you want to search for, it’s possible to look it up and buy the desired stuff without resorting to your computer or iPhone. So, enjoy a rejuvenated shopping experience with Amazon app on your Apple TV.

    It is free to download as well – Download now

    1. Pandora

    Pandora not just lets you access your complete music library – including the Apple Music –it allows you to stream your favorite music from so many different apps available for Apple TV. Pandora is a personal favorite for many because of the fact that you can simply set it up and forget everything. Select a particular song and Pandora will set up an entire station for you with same sort of content. If you have been using Pandora account already, all you have to do is to log into it and get access to all the playlists you might have saved for yourself earlier. It is possible to like/dislike songs and you can even skip to next based on account tier. You can run Pandora in background as you work and it will continue to play throughout the day.

    Pandora can also be downloaded for free – Download now

    Apple TV users are often seen asking which the best apps for Apple TV are. Well, there are lots of networks that offer subscription-based content and there are many which allow you to have access to content without any kind of fee whatsoever. You can simply pick the best Apple TV apps from the above list and enjoy unlimited fun right on your Apple TV.

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