A New Leak Hints at Apple’s Work on ‘Home Accessory’

    Apple has been rumored to be planning to release a new device which is basically a HomePod attached with a touchscreen, despite months of speculations regarding this product, Apple has remained silent.

    As for now, it seems like the company has disclosed that it is actually building a new product.

    A New Leak Hints at Apple’s Work on ‘Home Accessory’

    Following the report of MacRumors which said that it came across references of a new “HomeAccessory 17,1” device in the software of Apple.

    These references indicate the device would be run by Apple’s A18 chip identical the one present in forthcoming iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro, probably assuring that it integrates with the features of Apple Intelligence group that is scheduled to release by the end of this year.

    The form that this device would actually take is not clear, however, this is sure that this is a new type influenced by the references identified by MacRumors.

    “The code also indicates that this ‘home accessory’ will be running a software variant of tvOS, much like the ‌HomePod‌. Earlier this year, MacRumors found evidence of Apple’s work on homeOS, which could be the firmware running on this device.”

    A New Leak Hints at Apple’s Work on Home Accessory

    Considering that the reference could be discovered at this time, Apple might be near to revealing the product and if this is so, this could be released in a few months. It is expected that Apple would reveal the new Apple watches and iPhones in September, hence this mystery product would possibly be made available with those products.

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