Apple Event 2018 – What And When To Expect?

    It’s not so long since Apple announced its major releases for 2017 including iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K but many tech enthusiasts have already started looking forward to Apple event 2018. Everyone is curious about when the next event from Apple is going to happen and what can be expected from that particular event. So, let’s find out all the details about Apple event 2018.
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    When Is Apple Event 2018 Going To Happen?

    As of now, it is believed that next Apple event 2018 will be during Spring. Some products, however, have been announced already but they will be held back until December. These include iMac Pro and HomePod. So, with these products already on the line, we may also expect another event from Apple before Christmas this year and, if it happens, its focus will be on these two products. And, Apple might announce its Mac mini if such an event happens as well.

    But unless Apple officially announces an event, all these news and views are just pre-launch speculations. Apple has a habit of dropping some product when the public is not really suspecting it and thunderbolt is a true example for that. Nevertheless, most of the times, there is a specific pattern that Apple follows with its releases and that’s very much recognizable. So, counting on this recognizable pattern that Apple usually follows, we can draw some speculations as to what’s on the cards and when is it going to arrive.

    There are some predefined times when Apple brings something new and you can get familiar to these in order to find out when the next Apple event 2018 is coming. So, depending on these timings, let’s find out what Apple is up to.

    What Follows Up The September Event?

    As it happens, Apple usually comes up with a smaller do during October after its September event. And this time it was expected to come up with Macs, iPads and HomePod soon after the September 12 event. A lot was heard about the iMac Pro and Siri-based HomePodSpeakers from Apple after they were announced earlier in 2017 but they didn’t followed the smaller October event release schedule. The devices were then planned for a December 2017 release but as it appears now, they are going to further delay their release and we’ll be having the new gadgets from Apple during some event in 2018.

    Apple Event 2018 Expected In Spring

    Apple event 2018 in Spring is usually their first attempt to grab the attention of the masses after the Holiday season. The spring events from Apple are usually focused on new hardware but some mentions of small updates to iOS have also been there.

    The 2015 Spring event was conducted by Apple in the name ‘Spring Forward’ where it took the opportunity to announce the prices as well as launch date of Apple Watch besides unveiling its first ever 12” Macbook. In 2016, the spring event was used to introduce iPhone SE, iOS 9.3 and iPad Pro 9.7.

    In 2017, however, there wasn’t much of exciting stuff from Apple as their online store was closed down quietly and they launched red iPhone 7 and iPad 2017 through a press release.

    However, Apple event 2018 that is expected in March/April might bring us the latest iPhone SE which has long been in the rumors now.

    WWDC In June 2018

    WWC or Worldwide Developers Conference takes place every year in June and it is definitely going to be one of the Apple events in 2018. The event is majorly focused on software and Apple usually uses the WWDC stage for announcing some of the major features that it introduces as part of its annual updates to different OS. This helps software partners of Apple to get on with their software updates so that they can work fine on new OS versions.

    WWDC In June 2018-Apple Event 2018 – What And When To Expect

    In 2016 Apple used the WWDC stage for announcing iOS 10 and macOS Sierra with the release of beta versions for each of them.Final public versions wouldn’t come out until autumn but that’s probably the first look of the software depicting what will be featured inside.

    Talking about this year’s WWDC 2017, Apple announced macOS 10.13 High Sierra and iOS 11 along with some updates to the watchOS and tvOS. The stage was also used to give users the first look of latest iMac Pro from Apple along with the latest iMacs, Macbook and Macbook Pro models.

    Now coming to Apple event 2018, you can expect Mac Pro to be coming out of the box as well as the new display which is in the talks already. However, the WWDC 2018 will just announce these gadgets with their first look for the audience and the users will have to wait until their actual release later in the year to get their hands on them.

    iPhone 9 Launch Expected In Apple Event 2018 In September

    The Apple event 2018 in September is expected to see launch of new iPhone i.e. the annual incremental release. As Apple jumped to iPhone X directly from iPhone 8, we expect iPhone 9 to be coming up at Apple event 2018. It may also be accompanied by the larger iPhone 9 Plus too. However, there is some confusion around the name of the new iPhone owning to the fact that Apple announced iPhone X this year ahead of iPhone 9 models. So, we’re not sure if it will be following the number game this time around or will ditch it.

    The September event is often used by Apple for sharing announcements related to latest iOS and macOS versions as to when they will be coming out for public. So, we can expect Apple event 2018 in September to announce the public releases of iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 provided Apple announces them earlier at WWDC event in June.

    The Apple event 2018 in September can also have some updates related to Apple Watch as well just the way Apple announced Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE during an event held at the new Apple Park in September this year.

    So, summing up the Apple event 2018 debate, as usual there will be quite a few events to take place in 2018 where Apple will be announcing some major releases related to both software and hardware. Following the same pattern that it has followed over the years, there will be a lot coming up in specific timelines throughout the year. So, stay tuned for each Apple event 2018 and get to know what new Apple has got up its sleeves.

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