Apple Working On Some New Products That’ll ‘Blow You Away’ – Tim Cook

The Apple Park headquarters of Apple Inc. hosted the tech-giant’s annual investor meeting last Friday and the company’s CEO Time Cook addressed the audience to outline some plans they had for the future.

A report from Bloomberg says that Apple is currently “rolling the dice” on quite a few different products that seem to be so good that they’ll “blow you away”, said Tim Cook.

Quite oddly, Cook used the meeting for a confirmation that Apple plans on eventually reducing prices for their 2018 MacBook Air refresh, the update which came up with Retina in notebook.

Now that’s something interesting, because it can lead many of us to just hold on and not buy the MacBook Air right now waiting until that price drop actually happens sooner or later.

Cook was also of the opinion that various other products of theirs have a “long great roadmap” moving forward, including the AirPods and Apple Watch. Both these products have been doing great lately, and particularly AirPods will be expectedly getting a refresh by the end of March.

As far as the services are concerned, Cook outlined that Apple is already making strides forward in meeting one of its major goals they had set in 2016. Back then, Apple said that they were aiming at doubling up their revenue of $25 billion through services by the year 2020. And, according to Cook, things are pretty much on track and they’re moving forward with that plan. That is something which can expectedly get a boost as the company announces their news subscription service as well as video streaming service sometime later in this year.

Besides, Cook also confirmed that they’re making all the efforts possible for regulating the companies that build their users’ data profiles, like Facebook and Google.

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