Apple Set To Introduce New MacBook Air With Thinner Bezels Late This Year, MagSafe To Comeback Too

    Apple is currently working on a lighter and thinner MacBook Air that is expected to arrive late this year, according to Mark Gurman’s report in Bloomberg.

    The new MacBook Air is expected to come with the same 13” screen size, but it might have thinner borders around the screen.

    Even though we don’t have any confirmation on the release window, the new machine might be revealed late in 2021 or at the start of 2022, according to Gurman’s source.

    This new machine is touted as a higher-end MacBook Air that will feature next-generation Apple silicon besides its thinner and lighter design. So, it can be expected to perform even better compared to the M1 chips.

    Gurman had earlier referred to this upcoming MacBook Air model last week, talking about how Apple is planning to make MagSafe return in its upcoming revision of the MacBook Pro.

    From iPhone 12 perspective, MagSafe refers to an inductive wireless charger with magnetic alignment. However, on Macs, it refers to a wired power connector that can magnetically snap to the port; when the cable is yanked, it pops out while the laptop stays right there.

    MagSafe was introduced as a trademark feature in older Macs, but the Cupertino-based smartphone manufacturer had gradually removed it from the Macs since 2015. Now, however, it is ready to make a comeback as Apple has decided to revamp MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

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