Apple Watch Pro is expected to work with current Apple Watch Bands

    It is expected that Apple will release a brand new Apple Watch Pro in the coming month. There are some rumors that it won’t work with the current bands. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman thinks that they will succeed despite the fact that it seemed unlikely.

    The previous reports via a post on Weibo stated that the new tough Apple Watch’s altered size and design would make it impossible for the watch’s existing brands to work with it.

    It was reported that one reason why bands wouldn’t fit is that the Apple Watch Pro has a larger display than the current Apple Watch Series 7 and forthcoming Apple Watch Series 8. However, there may be a caveat, as Gurman now claims otherwise.

    According to Gurman, older bands will be supported by Apple Watch Pro, but given the size of the new watch, they might not fit or appear as seamless.

    It is claimed that people using their current Apple Watch bands will observe that they might not fit as comfortably as they would. The compatibility of bands purchased for the Apple Watch Pro with the regular Apple Watch Series 8 is also unclear.

    It is believed that Apple will launch new watches along with the iPhone 14 series in the coming month, so we won’t have to wait much longer before learning the truth, luckily. If possible, wait until then before purchasing any new bands.

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