Apple Will Probably be the sole user of 3nm micro chips in the present year

    This year, Apple will be most probably the single company that uses 3nm chips, while MediaTek and Qualcomm are still reportedly wondering whether to shift to the technology or not.

    It hypothetically assures less power usage, and lower heat generation if the chips are produced on a 3nm process. This also probably allows the chips to operate faster.

    According to DigiTimes, Apple is seemingly going to be the only user of 3nm microchips in the year 2023.

    “Qualcomm and MediaTek, however, have not yet made a clear decision on whether to join the 3nm camp this year, despite both hoping to keep up with Apple’s process upgrade for their flagship mobile SoCs, the sources continued.”

    The report continues to state that the raised manufacturing prices of the 3nm process and an unpredictable market for non-Apple hardware can be sufficient for Qualcomm and MediaTek to hold over this year. Qualcomm abundantly supplies a lot of those chips as used in the high-end Android devices, but now it seems that Apple’s iPhones will be the only devices in which the more exceptional 3nm manufacturing process will be used.

    The task to produce Apple’s 3nm chips will be given to the TSMC company, while the iPhone 15 lineup will probably be the first Apple hardware to use them. Apple may dispatch the brand-new iPhones in or around September if everything continues as per the earlier Release of Windows.

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