Best Apple Watch Accessories –Get The Best Cases, Straps, Stands And More

    There are quite a few different Apple Watch models available these days and accordingly there are different strap combinations that one can choose from. But you don’t have to stop after buying your Apple Watch as there can be lots of customizations and safety measures that you can go for. You may want to safeguard your Watch, buy some new straps for special occasions, or even grab an attractive charging solution. And there is no stopping best Apple Watch accessories as they will keep coming in and you can dig through to come up with the best of them all. Here we’ve listed a few top rated options that you can opt for and wear your Apple Watch in a new Style.

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    Best Apple Watch Accessories To Opt For

    So, here are the best Apple Watch accessories. You can decide on ones you need and choose to buy them.

    1. BLOC Wireless Dock

    BLOC Wireless Dock-Best Apple Watch Accessories

    It’s now possible to keep your Apple Watch fully charged all the time as you can now charge it as you move around with the help of BLOC Wireless Dock. The Dock can be used for charging the Apple Watch for a maximum of four times. It is available in both aluminum and bamboo builds and can nicely complement your Apple Watch. It comes with a 2000mAh battery inside and you can detach it anytime for charging other iOS devices you may have. All you will need for that is charging cable and nothing else.

    1. Elvatlon Lab BatteryPro

    Elvatlon Lab BatteryPro-Best Apple Watch Accessories

    It’s a magnetic charger that is MFi-certified and can be used with any Apple Watch model. It comes equipped with 8000mAh battery which can offer several charges to your Watch as well as iPhone/iPad that you may be using. The charger comes with a strap that attaches to your Watch so that it is held in place securely. This also makes things easier for you to charge your Apple Watch when placed inside your bag and there are no issues whatsoever. The product also comes with Micro USB cable for charging BatteryPro within its box. However, separate cables will be needed for charging the Apple Watch or iPhone. USB port is also capable of putting out 2.4A for quickly charging your iPhone.

    1. Eco Fused Case Screen Protector

    Eco Fused Case Screen Protector-Best Apple Watch Accessories

    Your Apple Watch screen needs to be protected against any kind of scratches and marks and for that you really need a good screen protector. However, it can be hard sometimes to try and apply some sort of screen protector to your Apple Watch. However, when you use Eco Fused Protector, it serves both as your Watch’s screen protector as well as its case. It is possible for you to choose both soft and hard covers.

    The case is also quite easy to clean and remove as well. The case is available for both 42mm and 38mm Apple Watch 2 models. No matter which one you go for, screen protector on the front will be transparent while the case can be in different colors and you can pick one you like. There are also couple of hard and soft TPU covers on offer as well and you can try both of them too if you’d like.

    1. INcool Stainless Steel Strap

    INcool Stainless Steel Strap-Best Apple Watch Accessories

    The stainless steel strap offered by INcool really is one great alternate for steel band that Apple has to offer. This band from INcool is made of 304 stainless steel and offers maximum durability. The strap comes with one handy tool allowing you to remove any links so that it can be adjusted according to the user’s wrist size. What’s even better is that this band is available with 12-month warranty period as well. So, if you find some quality issues or the product gets damaged during the warranty period, you can either get it exchanged or have your amount refunded. The product comes in silver and black colors to give you some flexibility when it comes to choosing one that fancies your style sense.

    1. Burkley Soft Leather Band

    Burkley Soft Leather Band-Best Apple Watch Accessories

    These genuine leather, soft leather straps are really great when it comes to their feel and overall look. You might already know that Burkley is a big name when it comes to designing leather accessories for different products, and these Apple Watch leather straps are just another great example. The straps are available in several buckle styles and various cool finishes. You’d love the antique style coffee finish and classic buckle style. However, this is not the only option you have and you can choose whatever you like. The package also includes the clasp for the size you have chosen.

    1. Trident Valet

    Trident Valet-Best Apple Watch Accessories

    The Trident Valet may appear like your Apple Watch Display case, however, it can be used for charging up your Watch simultaneously with your iPhone. There’s a transparent lid that you can slide open to find the neat iPhone slots. Valet comes with 2600mAh battery built into it which certainly makes it your great companion for travel. You can charge it up with standard USB-to-Micro-USB cable which comes with the product itself. However, you may have to use Watch and Lightning cables of your own. The product comes in textured white or black finish and features 5 green LEDs towards the front for reflecting remaining battery backup.

    1. Mophie Dock

    Mophie Dock-Best Apple Watch Accessories

    Another dock for your Apple Watch and one of the best Apple Watch accessories, the product comes in minimalist design which works great to hide the charging cable. More stable, probably, than what it appears thanks to the aluminum frame, Mophie Dock comes equipped with classy leather accents and provides cushion to your Apple Watch to keep it from getting damaged.

    Though you have to use your personal cables for charging, but it can be quite easily set up. The product works fine with any size and strap of Apple Watch and will fit nicely in just about any nightstand or desk.

    1. Casetify Apple Watch Straps

    Casetify Apple Watch Straps-Best Apple Watch Accessories

    If you don’t like the built in bands from Apple too much, a massive range of amazing strap designs are available from Casetify and you can choose any of them as you like. As a matter of fact, it is possible to design a strap of your own if you do not like ones already available. The manufacturer offers its iOS app which can be used for designing a strap to your own liking that can also feature your own personal photos as well. There are so many funky designs displayed as well and all of them are created by some of the top rated artists around. Every strap is made of polycarbonate and features stainless steel fixings. It is also possible for you to customize its size as well.

    1. Aerb Bamboo Docking Station

    Aerb Bamboo Docking Station-Best Apple Watch Accessories

    It, essentially, is an attractive bamboo block that comes with well-placed hollows and grooves. It is designed in a way that it serves as your iPhone and Apple Watch stand. Just slide in cables of your own and you are good to go. A particular groove is there for the cable of your Apple Watch whereas a hole towards the back gives way to Lightning cable. The rounded finish of the bamboo feels quite practical and it easily blends in with most of the surroundings. The docking station really gives great overall value.

    1. Nomad Pod

    Nomad Pod-Best Apple Watch Accessories

    It’s a portable pod that is designed specifically to be used within a bag or your pocket. Measuring only 75mm x 25mm and weighing just around 80 g, Nomad Pod is easy to carry around. Offering a maximum of 4 full charges to your Apple Watch, it really is a great solution to your charging needs on the go with its lithium polymer battery having a capacity of 1800mAh.

    The power button features 4 LED displays and indicates its remaining power. There’s a Micro-USB port towards its side which can be used for charging purposes. You can also pop off its top to reveal standard USB Type-A port where you can plug the charging cable of the Apple Watch. The cable can be wrapped inside before you put its top back so that it can be kept tidy and doesn’t come in the way. It’s available in Silver or Gray color.

    1. Twelve South HIRIse Stand

    Twelve South HIRIse Stand-Best Apple Watch Accessories

    Now, this one is a durable bedside stand that can be used to display as well as charge up an Apple Watch by leaving it on overnight. The stand is designed in a way that it works fine with the magnetic charging cable that you may already have and can be easily slot in. The stand fits just about any size band and Watch combination and gives you a chic way of displaying your Apple Watch. It is made of brushed metal and features wide base that comes with non-slip rubber at its bottom. Silicone pads offer not just the desired cushion to your Apple Watch but make it aesthetically appealing as well when placed on the stand. You also get leather landing pad towards back of the stand on which your Watch’s buckle and band can rest. There is a special groove around its back that keeps the cable tidy by running it under leather pad. If you are cautious about colors, you can choose between black and silver options.

    1. Proper WatchKeeper Dock And Case

    Proper WatchKeeper Dock And Case-Best Apple Watch Accessories

    If you’re looking to keep your new Apple Watch protected within a cool case, this one is for you. It’s an oblong case with EVA foam tray that is covered with soft microfiber to give your Apple Watch all the protection it needs. The case also fits the charging cable underneath so that it doesn’t get to sight while the Watch sits right there in its opening.

    This case also serves as your Watch dock with its small opening towards the side that you can use for feeding through the cable and plugging it in. You can leave its hinged top open when you want the case to serve the purpose of a dock. It features leather exterior and you have the option of choosing between tan or black finish. The case is lightweight with 9” x 2.2” x 1” dimensions, making it easy to carry along and store just about anywhere.

    1. Apple Bands

    Apple Bands-Best Apple Watch Accessories

    If you have already chosen the bands for your Watch very carefully at the time of placing your order, you may still want to have a spare piece or something that you can keep separately for various special occasions that you might have to attend. The cheapest option you have here is to go for Sports bands that are available for $50 and can be bought in different colors. If your budget goes somewhere around $150 then you can choose from several options like leather with Classic Buckle, Leather Loop, or metal Milanese Loop. If you can dare to spend $250, you can buy a more chic piece i.e. leather with Modern Buckle. If you want to choose something more ornate then you can choose metal link bracelet that is priced at $450.

    1. Griffin WatchStand

    Griffin WatchStand-Best Apple Watch Accessories

    Another of the best Apple Watch accessories out there, this one really is a smart idea that is quite fairly priced as well. This watchstand employs your original Apple Watch cable and lets you stick the Watch on nightstand at an angle where it is easily viewable and can still be recharged without any problems whatsoever. If there is some excess cable, it can be wrapped inside the stand’s body to keep it away from anyone’s sight. There is padding on the base for preventing any kind of slipping. Besides, there is that little lip which lets you prop the iPhone right below your watch.

    1. X-Dorla Defense Edge

    It’s a protective case that you can snap onto your Watch. Besides, there’s a lining of black rubber having aluminum exterior which can be in color of your own choice. The available options include blue, red, silver and gold. The product also features accurate cut-outs for ensuring that all your Watch functions are easily accessible. Furthermore, it also safeguards your Watch against any bumps and scratches as well. The product comes in a minimal design and matches perfectly to your Apple Watch’s classy look. You will really like it overall both in elegance and function.

    X-Dorla Defense Edge-Best Apple Watch Accessories

    So, these are some of the best Apple Watch accessories that are worth spending money on. It’s true that Apple Watch alone is a great product to buy but when it is combined with all these great accessories, it becomes more productive, attractive and elegant. All you have to do is to build a perfect arsenal of accessories according to your own specific needs. If you have any queries, or want to share some accessories that you are already using, use the comment section below.

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