Best Apps For iPhone – Extend Your iPhone’s Functionality With These Killer Apps

    If you’re an iPhone lover then you’d definitely be aware of the importance of having some of the best apps for iPhone on your device. Obviously, without these apps you can’t do much with your iPhone and will be forced to use only the basic functionalities that your iPhone has to offer. When looking for apps for your, it is important that you research hard and find the apps that can benefit you the most and help you increase the functionality of your iPhone.

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    12 Best Apps For iPhone

    Take a look at our list of best iPhone apps that feature everything from games to fashion and entertainment apps. There are many useful apps for professionals as well and it’s worth installing a few on your iPhone.

    1. Clips

    Clips - Best Apps for iPhone

    Clips is the latest stand alone application from Apple that attempts to enhance one’s social media presence. The app lets you make short videos and share them to different social media platforms where others can also watch them. It really is a nicely designed app and one feature that we really like the most about it is its ability to transcribe your words automatically into on-screen text – a handy tool indeed.

    1. Runtasty

    Runtasty - Best Apps for iPhone

    Many of you might have heard about the famous fitness app called as Runtastic. Well, the same group of developers has now introduced Runtasty. This app provides you with more than 40 recipes that are all approved by dieticians for various dietary restrictions and diet plans like vegan, gluten-free, meat-eater, vegetarian, low-carb, dairy-free, etc. In addition, the app offers complete information on nutritional breakdown for each of these recipes.

    1. Apple Support

    Apple Support - Best Apps for iPhone

    It’s the official support application launched by Apple. The app allows you to have access to different support articles that can answer all your queries related to Apple products. In addition, with Apple Support you can immediately chat, email or call the experts from Apple or can schedule callbacks at a time of your convenience. The app even lets you to schedule your Genius Bar appointment.

    1. Amazon Music

    Amazon Music - Best Apps for iPhone

    Amazon Music is one of the cool apps for iPhone. If you are a Prime member at Amazon it is quite possible foryou to not know that besides availing free shipping, you’re also given access to Prime Music catalog of Amazon featuring 2 million different songs. With this wonder app, you can have streaming access to all those songs right from your iPhone. The app offers great interface and comes equipped with some of the coolest visual elements such as X-Ray song lyrics.

    1. WaterMinder

    WaterMinder - best apps for iphone

    According to experts, drinking almost 8 cups of water is ideal and you must reach this necessary limit every day. But still we may not drink enough of it. With WaterMinder app, you can easily track how much water have you drunk in a day all with the luxury ofintuitive UI this app has to offer.

    1. Tokyo Fashion

    Tokyo Fashion - Best Apps for Iphone

    If you’re no more excited about the western fashion trends and want something for a change, you might like to have Tokyo Fashion on your iPhone and see what’s trending in Japan. It’s the official mobile app for TokyoFashion–a popular Japanese fashion website. There are daily updates on latest in street fashion to make this app the most up-to-date and handy fashion resource.

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    1. Money Dashboard

    Money Dashboard - best Apps for iPhone

    It’s a UK budgeting application that many use around the world to keep track of their budgets. For US, the best budget app is Mint and it is not available in UK and it is not needed there anymore either. A fully redesigned version of Money Dashboard has been released and it looks really amazing as well. The app lets you keep track of whatever you spend across different accounts, check your money spending habits through charts, and prepare budgets for keeping things under control in future. It’s probably the best available budgeting app on the App Store in UK.

    1. Angry Birds Blast

    Angry Birds Blast - Best Apps for iPhone

    If you’re into video games then you’d probably not want to miss out on one of the most entertaining best iPhone games – Angry Birds Blast. If you also like Candy Crush then you’d probably love this one as it gives a new direction to the brand. The game has birds trapped into bubbles by Pigs. You have to pop bubbles for freeing those trapped birds and as you do that all other objects present on screen move downwards to form different other items, like rockets and lasers, which can be helpful in freeing more birds.

    1. Google My Business

    Google My Business - Best Apps for iPhone

    Google My Business is the perfect app for any business owner to have on their iPhone. Anyone who runs a physical business can use this app to take full control of listings on the Google Maps. One can easily verify any of their business-related information, get customized insights into the way their customers are interacting with them online, and manage various customer reviews. The app even allows you to manage several businesses using a single dashboard.

    1. Black Friday Shopping

    Black Friday Shopping - Best Apps for iPhone

    Have you ever gone shopping on Black Friday? Well, if you haven’t then you must avail the opportunity using this wonderful app that you can find on iPhone app store.The app is officially released by BlackFriday website which is known amongst most updated and reliable sites offering best deals on Black Friday from all over the world. The app doesn’t just combine all the deals in a single place, it also lets you to bookmark any deals that you may be interested in and then check them again if you don’t find something better anywhere else.

    1. Instapaper

    Instapaper - Best Apps for iPhone

    Instapaperis a useful app for you if you like to read articles. The app allows you to save any interesting articles that you may find online to make them accessible offline and read them later. The best part is that these articles are formatted perfectly by the app to support distraction-free reading. Also, the app has made all the premium features free now and it certainly makes the app even better.

    couple talking and drinking coffee


    So, if it often happens to you that a good article comes in front while browsing online and you bookmark it for reading later but all you achieve is dumping that article in hundreds of other bookmarks that may be saved on your browser, Instapaper is what you need. With this app, you just have to click a simple button in your web browser to save a certain article in your app account. You can then read it anywhere, anytime and on any device that you like.

    1. Google duo

    Google duo - Best Apps for iPhone

    It’s the latest app introduced by Google for video chat. It’s a free app that you can use for taking on FaceTime, however, it surpasses it in a few areas. One thing, for instance, is that the app is available for both Android and iOS users and allows you to video chat no matter what platform your friends may be using. The preview mode allows for checking a call’s video feed before deciding to answer.

    Choose one of these best apps for iPhone to enhance your experience. Share with us your experiences with any of these apps that you choose to give a try.

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