Best iPad Games Worth Taking A Look At

    No experience could be better than gaming on an iPad. The gadget is small enough that you can take it with you wherever you go and it has a screen big enough to make the most precise taps. It’s a great combination that would ask you again and again to reach out for your device and play your favorite games on it all day long.

    So, if you have just started playing games on the iPad or you want some new hot favorite game to try, here are some of the best iPad games that you must give a try.

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    Endless Runner iPad Games

    Endless runner iPad games are getting immense popularity because of the simple controls as well as the ability of replaying them again and again and getting a different experience every time. Here are a couple of best games falling in this category.

    1. Alto’s Adventure

      Alto’s Adventure-Best iPad Games

    Some wonderful art design combined with rich and calming soundtracks is what makes this game stand out from the rest available on App Store. In the game you have to join Alto, llama herder, on a snowboard while sliding downward on Alps and rounding up those wooly creatures. There are challenges that are thrown at you as you proceed in the game and there are lots and lots of characters that can be unlocked. This certainly makes it an entertaining experience.



    There is a sequel of the game announced as well with the name Alto’s Odyssey and it is expected to be there on App Store this year. So, stay tuned and keep playing Alto’s Adventure until the new game arrives.

    1. Geometry Dash

      Geometry Dash-Best iPad Games

    Though not the type of endless runners technically due to its level progression, it is a really famous auto-runner which can’t really be beaten. More than 26,000 iPad gamers have rated this app on App Store but it’s still nothing less than 5 star rating for the app.

    It is a high energy and fast paced game and it has been designed in that manner. The bumping soundtrack will make your thumbs go thumping on your iPad’s screen for making that Square jump to avoid the obstacles.

    The best thing about the game is its wonderful editor with the help of which the players can be able to design and play their own levels. They can even play the levels that others like them have designed. This really is exciting to play those levels, especially, when you know how others are making life difficult for you in the game.

    Before buying the game, however, try to download the free version i.e. Geometry Dash Lite and get the real feel of the game.

    Board Games On iPad

    One thing that you may like about iPad gaming is the ability of bringing out the most desirable board games of yours. Keep those boxes, cards and game pieces at home and use your iPad for playing those astonishing board games. Here are my personal favorites.

    1. D&D: The Lords of Waterdeep

      D&D The Lords of Waterdeep-Best iPad Games

    This is a wonderful board game from Wizards of the Coast for your iPad. The game offers a pleasant mix of RPG elements while keeping that classic layout of board games.

    Agents are employed by the players across the city while attempting to recruit some heroes for completing different quests. The players are seen in the role of Lord, offering victory bonuses depending on the type of quests being completed. The player having most victory bonus points after 8 turns is considered the winner.



    Between hoarding gold, recruiting adventurers, and getting involved in the political intrigue, it will really become interesting very quickly. The game play is very complex and deep and gives you a real feel of some fantasy game.

    1. Ticket To Ride

      Ticket To Ride-Best iPad Games

    If you love to play this board game with your friends and family, you’ll really find this iOS version of the game wonderful to take along.

    In this board game, the players have to build some sprawling railways simply by collecting colored cars for connecting cities all over the map. In each turn, the player has the option of picking two cars, claiming a line in return of cars, or taking on new ticket. The victory points depend on the length of railway between any two cities.

    The game offers wonderful balance between strategy, competition and construction to make it a ravishing experience.

    Role-Playing iPad Games

    There is a wide variety of such games available and it is really hard for one to pick just a couple of them from the lot. However, as far as RPGs are concerned, a couple of components should be given priority for making a selection. These include: interesting gameplay and wonderful story telling. Here are the two best RPG games for you to look at.

    1. Infinity Blade II

      Infinity Blade II-Best iPad Games

    Though it may not look great to remember something that first arrived almost 6 years back, but believe it or not, this game is still quite relevant. With perfect 5-star rating on App Store and graphics aging significantly well, the game is a must have on your iPad.

    The best thing about this RPG is that it offers a huge and robust world for you to explore and the combat system doesn’t lag behind either. This really makes it interesting, yet challenging, as you try your luck in mastering it.



    There are different gameplay elements on which Infinity Blade II layers as you continue in the game. So, the experience always remains afresh. One thing that you should be wary of, however, is that it takes good amount of space on your disk due to its 1.34 GB size.

    1. Final Fantasy Tactics : The War Of Lions

      Final Fantasy Tactics The War Of Lions- Best iPad Games

    The developers of Square Enix have developed this wonderful iPad gaming experience. You can now have that wonderful PlayStation stuff on your iPad, courtesy this new introduction. iPad version of this game is nothing different from the actual one and it can be called as the perfect copy.

    The game includes everything that we love about the Final Fantasy Tactics: that amazing drama-packed story with lots of plot twists, that solid job system featuring so many unique characters, and those amazing graphics that you love about the game – all combine to offer a perfect entertainment experience.

    Literally, no sacrifices at all were made in bringing the play station experience to your iPad screen. There are some incredibly intuitive touch controls and you’ll find yourself wondering why you had been tethering your gamepad to the TV for playing this game all that time in the past. If you’re already in love with original game, there is no reason why you won’t like this iPad alternative.

    Strategy Games For iPad

    If you are someone who likes to be the mastermind behind some major plans then you’d definitely have some love for strategy games as well. Obviously, games that need you to make critical decisions and stay a couple of steps ahead of the opponents are the best ones to play and test your skills. Some may find these games a lot harder for them, but those who enjoy playing them are always on the lookout for new and challenges games.  So, here are our picks for this article.

    1. Invisible Inc.

      Invisible Inc- Best iPad Games

    This one is a turn-based stealth iPad game that creates levels randomly and you have to complete them by achieving your objectives and avoiding enemies. There are 10 different characters that you can be able to control through some of the most perilous missions. Each of these characters come with tons of options for customization, not letting them get stale ever.

    The gameplay that this game offers is a bit complex and you need to spend some time for getting accustomed with it. But when you get going, you won’t notice even after spending hours in a single day.

    1. Reigns

      Reigns- Best iPad Games

    The game gives you the role of the King and requires you to make decisions swiping right/left. You almost always end up with an untimely death with more interesting ways every time. You get a new life every time and repeat, trying your best to lift the curse. Keep a balance between your kingdom’s needs like military, church and the greed within you.



    There is no end to the chances you get to put things right and you can have a new start for unlimited number of times.

    Puzzle Games For iPad

    The puzzle games tend to be the simplest of games available on the App Store. However, they still aren’t way too easy. They don’t give you that adrenaline rush all the time and are certainly wonderful games for both adults and kids.

    1. Ultra Flow 2

      Ultra Flow 2- Best iPad Games

    The simplicity of this game really becomes its biggest strength. The game comes with an engaging and fun soundtrack while focusing more on the hand-eye coordination rather than brain power.

    However, still it is not an easy game to play. To put it honestly, the game is challenging enough to give your mind a quick workout and easy enough to swiftly take you through the levels with only a few cracks at them.

    1. Mini Metro

      Mini Metro-Best iPad Games

    Have you ever thought that the public transportation in your city is nothing but shit and you could design something a lot better? Well, here is your chance to do just that. With Mini Metro you can design a subway system of your own.

    The minimalist design combined with some mind-boggling puzzles makes this wonderful game a powerhouse of fun.

    So, these were some of the best iPad games that any avid gamer would love to put their hands on. Try one of these and share your experience.

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