Best iPad Pro Apps That Are Worth Downloading

    The response to iPad Pro from the Apple community was immense after its launch last year. The device is used widely from Apple users from all over the world and many have even turned it into their PC with the help of compatible keyboards that came with these iPads. However, the best part is that there are heaps of best iPad Pro apps available to add to the benefits of this little gadget from Apple.

    To make things easier for you we have listed some of the best apple iPad pro apps that you’d definitely love exploring about.

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    Best iPad Pro Apps For 2017

    Here is short list of top apps from Apple that can change your iPad Pro experience completely.

    1. iMovie

    Best iPad Pro Apps That Are Worth Downloading

    With iPad Pro’s big screen it’s always fun to watch movies as well as different entertaining videos on this smart gadget from Apple. So, iMovie deserves to be at the top of this list. iMovie doesn’t just let you watch movies but it can also enhance your experience with the help of some amazing video filters and animated titles. You can browse videos and share them, make thrilling trailers and do a lot of other wonderful things with this iPad Pro app.

    1. Microsoft Excel

    Best iPad Pro Apps That Are Worth Downloading

    As far as desktop jobs are concerned, the handy tools from Microsoft Office suite are still on top of everything else. Microsoft Excel is now available for iPad as well and helps you build those complicated reports with ease and in no time. If you are professional from marketing and finance field, and often have to play with charts and stats, you’d never want to miss out on this app.

    1. Procreate

    Best iPad Pro Apps That Are Worth Downloading

    Procreate is one of the best new apps for ipad pro that is strongly recommended for you if you’re an artist. Let your creative-self talk and turn the iPad Pro in your big canvas to create some of the best art masterpieces. With its wonderful features, the app can even serve commercial artists as well. Even if you are a beginner, Procreate lets you master painting, illustrating and sketching.

    1. Trello

    Best iPad Pro Apps That Are Worth Downloading

    Trello is the way to go for organizing stuff and helping your projects complete swiftly. With Trello, project managers can invite team members for collaborating and can put together custom boards to organize anything they are working on. The Trello app for iPad comes optimized with lots of different tweaks and allows you to utilize iPad Pro’s big screen to its full potential. It really gives you full control of your projects and helps in increasing overall productivity.

    1. Adobe Comp

    Best iPad Pro Apps That Are Worth Downloading

    With different adobe ipad pro apps available, adobe is certainly making efforts to optimize its different iPad apps. These optimizations are, basically, aimed at utilizing the big screen of iPad to its full potential. Adobe Comp is something that lets you produce wireframes quickly for anything you can name from web designs to mobile apps to print layouts. It also supports Apple Pencil and turns your fingers into modifiers by getting rid of object manipulation.

    1. Liquid Text

    Best iPad Pro Apps That Are Worth Downloading

    If you’re a research scholar, editor, writer or someone with similar sort of interests, LiquidText is just perfect for you. With this wonderful app you can easily annotate your research papers, take notes and extract excerpts while doing research. In addition, Liquid Text allows you to easily import different documents from various popular apps like iCloud, Box and Dropbox. It even allows you to open web pages and edit articles within this app.

    1. Me

    Best iPad Pro Apps That Are Worth Downloading

    If you’re a startup organization then Jion.Me is the best way you can help others connect to you. It’s a great app for Unified Communications that allows users to hold audio conferences over phone or VoIP. So, if you have to arrange meetings with your clients, colleagues or employees,Join.Me offers everything you need. Some of the salient features of the app include chat options during meeting, AirServer, display mode to external monitor only using Apple TV, storing and sharing files inmeetings, etc.

    1. Shadowmatic

    Best iPad Pro Apps That Are Worth Downloading

    It is a game that can very much stir one’s imagination. Shadowmatic isn’t just some blend of the eye-catching visuals, it offers appealing and soothing gameplay as well. You can explore lots of different silhouettes on the excursion and find out the best solution. In addition, 12 rooms offering unique atmosphere, music and concept can also be unlocked.

    1. Pixelmator

    Best iPad Pro Apps That Are Worth Downloading

    With pixelmator photo addicts can change or touch up their photos to make them look even more attractive. If you find Photoshop too daunting an option, Pixelmator is a great tool for you as a beginner.

    couple talking and drinking coffee


    It’s a powerful, layer-based, full-featured image editor which allows you to enhance and touch up your images, paint, and sketch using some of the simplest editing tools available.

    1. Invoice2go

    Best iPad Pro Apps That Are Worth Downloading

    If you often find yourself in a situation where you forget to invoice your clients for the work that you have done, then invoice2go is a tailor-made solution for you. Just have it on your iPad Pro and create your invoices easily and send them to the clients. Keep track of everything on the go. You will not have to face the embarrassment of forgetting to invoice your clients and things will go smoothly.

    Haven’t we listed any of your favorite best iPad Pro apps? Let us know in the comment section.

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