Best iPhone Apps To Meet New People In 2018

Meeting people and making new friends can both be intimidating and awkward at the same time. This particularly happens when you are new to a place and don’t know many people around you. Whether you are making a move to some new city for your job or some other reason, or you’re traveling on vacations, it can be quite terrifying to meet new people at random and strike up conversations. To be fortunate, however, there are many iPhone apps out there that you can use for expanding your circle of friends by going social and meeting new friends. Here we have listed some of the best iPhone apps to meet new people in 2018.

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Best iPhone Apps To Meet New People

So, here is our list of best iPhone apps to meet new people. These apps are just a perfect way of connecting you to new people with whom you can be able to share meals, party with and even share just about any interest you have. They’ll be a source for you to make some real friends who have same interests as you do. There are others that will allow you to find your date in the most innovative ways possible.

  1. Meetup

Meetup-Best iPhone Apps To Meet New People In 2018

Meetup allows you to meet people from thousands of different cities. The aim of this iPhone app is bringing together groups sharing some common interest. When you sign up, it is possible for you to check out what’s available in your area right away. Be it a bunch of people having same age, or a group of fitness or tech enthusiasts, you are sure to find some people matching your requirements.

  1. Bumble

Bumble-Best iPhone Apps To Meet New People

Bumble is popularly known as an iOS app for dating but the app has to offer a lot more than simple romance. Some settings can be tweaked specifically for finding new friends in just about the same way you search for date. The app would be an ideal choice for meeting new people both for romance as well as some other stuff.

  1. Nextdoor

Nextdoor-Best iPhone Apps To Meet New People In 2018

Interested in knowing your neighbors way more closely without having to ever run into them? Install Nextdoor on your iPhone right away. The app gives you access to your social network in the neighborhood where you can exchange information about the local community using your iPhone. If you plan to make first contact with people living in the neighborhood without getting to meet them in person, Nextdoor is the app you should go for. In addition, the app allows you to keep an eye on classified ads and local recommendations as well.

  1. Peanut

Peanut-Best iPhone Apps To Meet New People In 2018With Peanut, you can become a part of an entire community of mothers. There is group chat feature which allows you to spend time talking to moms from different parts of the world. Besides, the app strongly focuses on arranging meet-ups and is a great tool for socializing. It is your ideal solution if you do not want to get isolated when on the paternity leave and also allows you to have some great advice as well.

  1. Skout

Skout-Best iPhone Apps To Meet New People In 2018

The app works on proximity and preferences, quite similar to dating apps, but it does so for friends. Use Skout on your iPhone to meet some new people regardless of your location. It helps even when you are visiting some new place. The app gives you updates from other users nearby and allows you to buy gifts and send to them. You can also get to know who else is checking on you. Skout is ideal for you if you have that nag of traveling regularly and are always looking to meet new people.

  1. Nearify

Nearify-Best iPhone Apps To Meet New People In 2018

It’s an app that promotes itself as a solution that lets you know about any events that are taking place close to you. However, it is also one great resource which allows you to meet new people. With Nearify, you can easily keep an eye on the events that are being attended or liked by your friends, and also get to know when the favorite comedian or musician of yours will be around. There are personal recommendations that allow you to get yourself rolling on any day.

  1. Me3

Me3-Best iPhone Apps To Meet New People In 2018

One-on-One meetings can turn out to be quite intimidating sometimes, so what about meeting in groups of three. This is the basic concept behind Me3 that is spreading gradually. The app offers group chats between users of same gender and its algorithm actually connects you with the like-minded and allows you to safely know one another.

  1. Tinder

 Tinder-Best iPhone Apps To Meet New People

The app is a great solution for finding new people to meet according to your interest and location. So, if you like meeting new folks and have a chat, Tinder would be your best option as it’s one of best iPhone apps to meet new people as well as date them. So, take advantage of beautiful UI of the app and find your perfect match. With more than hundred million users, Tinder is one of most downloaded iPhone apps around.

  1. MeetMe

MeetMe-Best iPhone Apps To Meet New People In 2018

Using MeetMe, you can get connected to more than hundred million people belonging to all ages, backgrounds and nationalities and will be able to chat with them on diverse topics of your personal interest. Conversations can be started with sort of status updates and this way you can let people know about yourself before getting further involved in things and making new friends.

  1. ChitChat Pro

ChitChat Pro-Best iPhone Apps To Meet New People In 2018

One of most useful apps for iOS users for meeting new people online, ChitChat Pro is your perfect chat companion which allows you to meet new people from around the world and have a chat with them. The app comes with some really cool and useful features. For instance, it allows you to create chat rooms where you can talk to people openly and privately as well. It is also possible to include emotions, pictures, games and other such stuff in your conversations as well.

  1. Happn

Happn-Best iPhone Apps To Meet New People In 2018

There are many applications like Tinder in which you only get to know people within a radius of just few miles. However, Happn takes things a step further. As you open the app on your iPhone, there are other users on the screen to greet you. You may even have crossed paths physically with them throughout the day. Reach out to anyone you like and take things further from there.

  1. Party With A Local

Party With A Local-Best iPhone Apps To Meet New People In 2018

Party with A Local: It’s a great app that connects travelers to expats and locals nearby who’re interested in partying. Each one of them has a profile set up within the app and there are reviews left by other travelers about them. Your life as a traveler gets simplified with this app as you can easily find out random strangers who may be ready to have a drink with you anytime.

  1. Wildcard

Somewhat like Tinder in terms of networking, Wildcard allows you to create your “card” that shows who actually you’re and what you may be interested in. The app matches your card specifications with others and gives you new options to meet with people. As soon as a match is found, the app places their card into your virtual Roledex. It is also possible for you to create and join “decks” that comprise of several people according to locations or events and serves as your shortcut for searching potential connections.

  1. MeetnGreeted

MeetnGreeted-Best iPhone Apps To Meet New People In 2018

It’s an app to get your local travel acquaintances. MeetnGreeted takes a more commercial approach as compared to apps such as party with a local, but it is still a great option for helping you with your requirements as a traveler and meet new interesting people along the way. It is kind of your personal fixer and can be helpful with all little traveling annoyances.

  1. Grouper

Grouper-Best iPhone Apps To Meet New People In 2018

If you’re into dating then Grouper really is a perfect app for you as it diffuses all the awkwardness that may be there when you are dating for the first time. By giving access to one friend group to several others, the app allows you to choose from friends of your friends who you can meet anonymously. By choosing ‘Yes’ both the persons can allow the app to plan ‘grouper’ for them where you can share a drink together.

  1. Beer

Beer comes as a single purpose app which allows you to ask friends out on a beer. The app allows you to do so from its simple interface. All you can do with the app is to send a monotonous message “Beer?!” So, if you are looking for a partner to have a drink with, Beer is the app for you to choose.

  1. Hinge

Hinge-Best iPhone Apps To Meet New People In 2018

Another dating app that is considered one of the best iPhone apps to meet new people, Hinge takes a more targeted approach by giving you matches from the extended social network of yours. It reaches out to the “third degree connections” of your friends on Facebook for building a creep-free network for you. Afterwards, you can choose people you’d like to date.

    1. Glimpse

Glimpse-Best iPhone Apps To Meet New People In 2018

It’s an app that allows you to find your love through Instagram. The app requires you to fill out some information pertaining to yourself and your interests, but works mostly by plugging itself into your feed on Instagram and doing all the talking through your pictures. The app also tells you as well as your probable match if you’ve taken one of your Instagram photos from same place.

Tinder has also noticed Glimpse lately and it now allows users to link their Instagram to the app as well.

  1. Chatouts

Chatouts-Best iPhone Apps To Meet New People In 2018

Chatouts, again, is an app that allows you to met people sharing common interests with you. You can talk to them about things that actually matter for you. This is done by the app by connecting people through “what you” hashtag. You have to enter your hashtag and you’re matched with people sharing the same interest. Afterwards, you can start chatting with them and make great friends.

  1. Treatings

It’s a social network where you can find collaborators who can help you with your projects. The app’s core feature is something like a social network which actually runs on members’ reputation. So, it turns out to be quite helpful when you are looking to find people who you can work with on your project. The app is particularly useful for you if you’re a techie. However, it works just fine for others as well.

  1. Facebook Groups App

As Facebook is looking to separate different services such as Messenger, Groups and Photos, the Groups feature is getting more and more useful. If you’re going to subscribe to groups based on your specific interests, it will be possible for you to connect with people on chat more than ever. The public nature of the groups in the past made it so hard for them to be used as source of creating connections. Now, with them going private, people have started taking them even more seriously and choose to talk in groups more often. So, it is worth giving a try of you are planning to meet new people.

  1. Flurv

Flurv-Best iPhone Apps To Meet New People In 2018

Another popular one among the best iPhone apps to meet new people in 2018, Flurv comes as a famous social app which allows you to meet some new people around you. In fact, you can even use the app for meeting people from around the world as well. It’s really a useful app when it comes to meeting new people, making friends and connecting with them on chat.

  1. PeopleHunt

PeopleHunt-Best iPhone Apps To Meet New People In 2018

If you’re not really comfortable meeting people in group settings, like when you use meetup, your best alternate would be PeopleHunt. The app allows you to connect with individuals having reciprocal, not shared necessarily, interests. For instance, you can use PeopleHunt for finding people for practicing Spanish, or you may use it for finding people who are experts in online marketing or some other similar niche. So, it’s you who has to decide what to look for and the app gives you recommendations accordingly. It’s an activity based app that brings you in contact with many great people sharing some common interest with you.

  1. Foursquare

If you are interested in an app that provides you all the help you need in finding location-based friends, you must download Foursquare on your iOS device. It primarily used to be a check-in app and people used it primarily for bragging to their Facebook Friends whenever they hit some trendy hotspot. However, the app has recently been revamped to offer Yelp-like features which prove to be of help in finding some cool places according to individual interests.

Foursquare-Best iPhone Apps To Meet New People In 2018

You can use the app for gaining some following as well as social creed depending on how you participate. Follow users, “like” reviews and tips shared by others and check out what they have to say about things of your interest. Though it’s a bit trickier to find new friends through Foursquare app, but using the recommendation engine of the app will allow you to find exclusive local haunts. Besides, the app can be used as your way of discovering organic meet-ups where you can get to know people sharing similar interests.

  1. Forty Five

Forty Five gives you a unique way of dating. Basically, it’s a video dating app that features unique AI attributes and makes appointments exciting and simple. Upload your videos, track videos from other users and simply arrange meetings. It’s a perfect app for you if you are not looking forward to something for the long term. Sharing your video messages doesn’t compromise anything as your messages are deleted automatically after 45 minutes. So, it’s quite a unique app to be featured on this list as none of the other options have any such capabilities.

Forty Five-Best iPhone Apps To Meet New People In 2018

So, these are the best iPhone Apps to meet new people in 2018. You can go with few of them or just one according to your own personal preference. Each app has its own set of unique features that you can get to benefit from. So, again, it’s more of a matter of your interests and personal choice as to which one you’d like to go with. Just start socializing with these apps in the real world and meet some great new people from around the world.

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