Craig Federighi From Apple Says More And More Users Will Like & Rely On FaceID Just Like TouchID

Apple’s Vice President Craig Federighi has had a huge week and as Apple announced its big release, iPhone X, among other things in its September 12 media event, it was him to come up with the demonstration of new major feature that Apple has introduced in its iPhones, the Face ID.

Face ID is the security solution to replace Touch ID and it actually works by taking the face of the user and turning it into an unlocking mechanism for the iPhone X. And, like always, all the high profile new features from Apple had an on-stage demonstration.

To be unfortunate, many things didn’t go as planned, although it’s confirmed now that Face ID actually behaved as it was intended to. However, there are many who are still not so sure about this new feature from Apple but Federighi believes that they’ll change their mind when they’ll actually use the feature. The software engineering head from Apple was in conversation with the commentator John Gruber in one of the episodes of his podcast The Talk Show, and as expected, Face ID became the part of this conversation pretty early.

Federighi says that Apple is quite confident that when all of us will start using Face ID ourselves, all the doubts will go away.

Honestly, all of us are only counting days until customers can grab their iPhones, as I believe similar to the case with TouchID, people initially thought Apple has done something that is going to fail completely and I’m not going to use the feature. Now everyone is finding it hard to believe that Touch ID has gone away as nobody can imagine life with no Touch ID. We’ll see exactly that for Face ID as well.

During his interview, Federighi said repeatedly that the new Face ID feature “just works” and it appears to be becoming Apple’s unofficial slogan since that era of Steve Jobs. And if the new feature manages to work somewhere close to Touch ID as Apple claims, then Touch ID might not be missed that much as everyone feared initially.

The new iPhone X is going on Sale from November 3rd and we’ll have to wait a bit before we can be able to actually judge it ourselves.

Craig Federighi’s interview is worth listening for sure as it eliminates many doubts in the minds of general public.

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