Damaged iPhone X Display Replaced For Free Thanks To iOS 12

We have known Apple to be kind to its customers when things go awry or, most of the times, when they end up breaking something from Apple. There’ve been many occasions where employees at Apple Store went that extra mile for getting the problems fixed for the customers. Recently we have come across a great story over Apple subreddit where a user got an all-new iPhone X thanks to iOS 12.

There’s a Reddit user who goes by the name axodd who owned iPhone X running iOS. While they were travelling, the user figured out that the screen of their iPhone X had got damaged at the time of security check at airport. Well, getting your iPhone X display is certainly an expensive endeavor that would have cost them $270 but that Redditor had made up their mind to get it done and they got an appointment from Apple Store for the device’s repair. However, there was a nice twist in the story from there on.

After the device was taken for the repair and the Redditor experienced lots of delay in the process, they told them that while their iPhone X was fitted with the replacement display, the support team from Apple could not run necessary diagnostics for ensuring whether it was calibrated correctly or not because the device was running latest iOS 12. Things could have gone awry from this point onwards but the support team showed a goodwill gesture considering all the delays that the Redditor had to experience in the entire process and they gave an all-new iPhone X to the user replacing their damaged device for free.

Now, that’s not something bad for anyone who would have expected to pay $270 for the new display, and shows a great example of wonderful customer service. Things could have gone better had there not been any delays in first plays but that’s what we have at the end of the day.

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