Get Amazing Bluetooth Speakers In This Massive AirPod For Wireless Playback, Handsfree Calling, And Much More

Even if you are a new Apple user, you’d already know that the AirPods are a hot-selling commodity. You can find them just about everywhere and they really make a wonderful way of watching content, taking phone calls, and maintaining your privacy as you listen to your favorite music so that nobody gets to question your choice.

However, they are a bit smaller and you might find it harder to keep track of them. So, wouldn’t you like it if you get the chance to have gigantic Airpods?

Fortunately, a little tweaking can now get you what you want. Yes, you can now find Bluetooth speakers in exactly the same shape as your AirPods. This Bluetooth speaker we have here for you is available now at a 15% discount to give you a serious price cut and selling it at an impressive $59.46. Just use the promo code FDAY2020 and you will be eligible for the 15% discount. Act fast as the offer is available only for a limited period.

This Bluetooth speaker also allows you to listen to your favorite music collection from your microSD card, USB drive, or anything that could be plugged into a typical headphone jack. What’s more? It comes with a built-in radio as well.

Here is a list of features incorporated into this unique product:

  • Dedicated On/Off Power button
  • Dedicated VOL+, VOL-, and mode changing buttons
  • Ability to listen to music from microSD card, 3.5mm AUX port, Bluetooth, and USB drive
  • Built-in microphone to take handsfree calls
  • 3-5 hours of battery life
  • Built-in FM Radio

What’s even better is that the Bluetooth speaker is available in two distinct styles where one resembles the typical AirPods while the other looks similar to the AirPods Pro.

So, just don’t waste time here and there if you are looking for quality Bluetooth speakers. You won’t find a better alternative. Just apply the discount code and save yourself some money on your purchase too. You’ll enjoy listening to your favorite music on this new gadget.

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