These Headphones For iPhone Come With Built-In Call Recorder For Whatsapp, Cellular, Skype Audio Calls & FaceTime

    One thing that every Android user misses the most as soon as they switch to iOS is the phone call recording feature. They don’t find an easy way of replacing the voice recording capabilities from Android on their new iOS device.

    Actually, there’s a particular security feature offered by iOS that blocks call recording on the iPhones. But still, it’s importance is such that Apple can’t let it go.

    You must be thinking isn’t there any alternative to achieve the functionality somehow on your new iPhone. Yes, there are options available that you can try and most of them involve some jailbreak tweaks to be installed on your jailbroken iPhone. However, if you don’t have a jailbroken device, you are still not out of luck as there are new earphones available for iPhone users that not just allow for a perfect hands-free listening or calling experience but also let you record calls as well. And, obviously, you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone for that.

    If you look at these, they’re pretty much the same like other earphones around today, but you can record your calls without having to perform anything special on your device. All you need to do is to plug your earphones into the iPhone and tap record button from in-line remote.

    These Headphones For iPhone Come With Built-In Call Recorder For Whatsapp, Cellular, Skype Audio Calls & FaceTime

    The best part is that with these earphones you’ll be able to record your calls no matter which app you’re using. This essentially means that besides your typical cellular phone calls, you can also record calls on FaceTime, WhatsApp and even on Skype. In fact, there are many more along the list as well.

    Now, if you’re interested in finding out what features are on offer with these new headphones, here’s a short list:

    These Headphones For iPhone Come With Built-In Call Recorder For Whatsapp, Cellular

    • Audio recording for both the sides of conversation.
    • No additional software, app, jailbreak/root needed to record audio calls.
    • 512MB built-in storage to record around 16 hours of voice calls and store the recording on the very same device.
    • Around 1 year of standby time.
    • 200mAh rechargeable battery that allows recording for around 5 hours in a single charge.
    • You can use it just like other simple headphones for answering calls, listening to music, and other similar stuff.
    • You can use it as your standalone voice recording device without having to connect it to your iPhone.
    • Easy transfer of recordings to a Mac or PC with microUSB cable that comes along.
    • Easy to carry almost anywhere similar to regular earphones.
    • Compatibility with all the iPhone models as well as Android phones. You’ll need Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter for iPhone X , iPhone 8 and iPhone 7, however.

    Now, with all these great features, if the headphones feel something that you can take advantage of, you’d be better off buying it for only $89 from here with SUMM10P promo code at the time of checkout. Otherwise, it would cost you around $130. So, throw some cash out and enjoy the ultimate functionality on your new iPhone without even having to jailbreak it.

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