How To Make Your iPhone X Dual-Sim And Enjoy Using Two Sim Cards At A Time

    We have all heard lots of gossips and talk about dual-SIM functionality in smartphones and there is a lot of hype created around the eSIM option coming to iPhone XS. However, it does not mean that one should throw out a significant amount of cash right away for buying the new iPhone just to enjoy this added functionality. Even if you have an iPhone X model that came out last year, you can make it turn into your dual-SIM smartphone with a quick trick. All you need is to buy a new iPhone case and you’ll be able to run two SIM cards simultaneously on your device and that too for much less.

    Yes, the new iPhone X Dual-SIM case has arrived and besides simply making your iPhone X turn into a dual SIM smartphone, it has a lot more to offer. To enlighten you further, this new iPhone case also comes with an in-built 3000 mAh battery as well as call recorder giving you a wonderful 3-in-1 product.

    However, the most important of them all seems to be an additional SIM slot for your iPhone as well as the dedicated app that you can download specifically from App Store to work with this case. So, if you have been striving for the dual-SIM functionality on your iPhone, you do not really have to go all out to buy the latest iPhone XS release from Apple. In fact, this one is arguably better compared to the eSIM implementation of Apple for incorporating dual-SIM functionality in to their flagship model for 2018. The simple reason for it is that here you’ll be using a physical SIM separately and this can be particularly useful if a country or a carrier does not allow eSIM support in the iPhonse XS.

    How It Works?

    Now, if you have made up your mind to grab your iPhone X dual-SIM case, here is what you need to know about how you can use it on your iPhone X. Just follow the steps below:

    1. Insert your second SIM card into this iPhone X case.
    2. There’s a SIM ON/OFF button on the case that you need to press first and then hold for, at least, 5 seconds so that your dual-SIM feature is activated.
    3. Next, you simply need to slide the iPhone device into this new case until a connection is developed with Lightning connector.
    4. Now, download your dedicated dual-SIM app from App Store for your iPhone case. It’s a free app and you won’t have to spend anything on buying it.
    5. Once downloaded, launch this app and select the network before you can start calling your contacts and sending them text messages from your second SIM card.
    6. If you want to charge your iPhone X using built-in battery of the new case, you simply have to press that button you can find at back of this case.

    That’s all; you have your iPhone X set up to be used with two SIMs and you can enjoy using the functionality from now onwards.

    Grab An Additional Discount

    Obviously, all the features described above make this new iPhone X Dual-SIM case worth buying. But if you aren’t still convinced with the price, you can be among the privileged ones to enjoy an additional discount. Yes, at the moment, buyers of the case can enjoy additional 20% off if they buy with the promo code DUALSIM20OFF while checking out. Remember this offer is only for the first hundred purchases, so act fast and do not delay making the order if you’re not ready to miss it out.

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