Downloading And Installing tvOS 10.2.2 Beta 5 On Apple TV

    Apple has recently announced tvOS public beta just like it has for macOS and iOS. So, until the tvOSis available for general public, the developers are continuously trying it out and coming up with new apps and capabilities of the wonderful operating system. The process of installing the new OS on Apple TV has also become complicated with the introduction of new beta of iOS 10.2.2compared to simple download for the previous version. So, here we have discussed the process of installing the new tvOS beta on your device and developers who don’t have a clue as to how this can be done will be able to benefit from this.

    A word of caution:Apple has already releasedtvOS 10.2.2 beta 5 to developers. If you’re already on a previous beta of tvOS 10 then you should go to System and download it in Software Updates section. If you have long been waiting for the tvOS 10.2.2 beta 5 to get things started then read on to learn the process from scratch.

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    Also, unlike other different operating systems that we have had from Apple, it is not possible to back up Apple TV. There are a couple of options offered by Apple, however, for updating the tvOS: first is over-the-air update in which only the system is updated; the second is USB-C update in which the device is restored to factory settings. So, choose one according to your needs appropriately

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    Installing tvOS 10.2.2 Beta 5 Over-the-Air
    Installing tvOS 10.2.2 Beta 5 Over USB-C

    Installing tvOS 10.2.2 Beta 5 Over-the-Air

    Before we start, it is important to mention that “Over-the-Air” is somewhat misnomer technically as you will need to connect Apple TV and Mac with the help of USB-C in order to install configuration profile for tvOS. That said, as soon as you have installed configuration profile, it will be possible for you to update Apple TV wirelessly to subsequent betas as they arrive.

    As mentioned earlier, when you update over-the-air, all you end up updating is system software and the apps and configurations that you have done on your TV are not disturbed at all. Here is how to install the update.

    1. Open on a Mac.
    2. Login with your Apple credentials that you used at the time of registering with the developer program.
    3. You’ll see a Download button in blue color towards right side of tvOS 10 beta configuration profile, Click it.
    4. Launch Mac App Store and install Apple Configurator app from there.
    5. Connect the 4th generation Apple TV to a AC power source.
    6. Now connect your 4th generation Apple Tv to Mac with the help of USB-C cable.
    7. Open Apple Configurator that you had installed earlier.
    8. Click Add Profiles button and add tvOS 10 beta configuration profile that you had downloaded earlier. You can also drag/drop that downloaded file to Apple TV icon as well.
    9. Reboot the Apple TV after installation of configuration profile is completed.
    10. Click Settings on the Apple TV.
    11. Click System.
    12. Now Click Software Update.

    Apple TV will now detect the desired beta that you intend to install and the update will be installed as it is done normally.

    Installing tvOS 10.2.2 Beta 5 Over USB-C

    If it is preferable for you to completely wipe out the Apple TV that you use for development purposes before going for the update then you can opt for Restore Image method that connects with your Mac using USB-C. Here is how the installation would go.

    1.  Open on a Mac.
    2.  Provide your Apple login credentials for signing into your developer account.
    3. Click on blue-colored Download button that you can see towards right side of tvOS 10 restore image.
    4. Now click the similar Download button present next to Xcode 8.
    5. Proceed with the Xcode 8 installation on the Mac you are using.
    6. Connect the 4th generation Apple TV that you want to update to some AC power source.
    7. Use USB-C cable for connecting Apple TV and Mac.
    8. Launch iTunes on Mac.
    9. Choose desired Apple TV device as it appears in the iTunes.
    10. Press and hold Option key before clicking on Check for Updates.

    Browse to tvOS 10.2.2 beta 5 file that you had downloaded earlier and select it.
    As soon as the Apple TV is updated, go back to the television and hook it up and that’s it.
    Both the methods of updating to latest beta version of iOS work fine and it’s just the matter of your preferences as to which one you’d like to go with.

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