iOS 12.1.2 Changelog And Release Notes With Changes Highlighted From The Manufacturer

We all know that it’s official now and Apple has come up with the public release of its latest iOS 12.1.2 version. And, as that new version is out and about, here we have a look at some of the changes being finalized, release notes, changelog and the new features that have been included in the final version of the iOS so that all iPhone/iPad/iPod users could be able to use them.

Some of us might not already be expecting this iOS 12.1.2 release from Apple and that’s, particularly, because Apple has not made any shout outs for that. In fact, there have been only a few pre-release seeds that were propagated among the developer community.

In case, if you have not heard too much about the new release and are just wondering what’s this fuss is all about, the official release notes of Apple are here to look at and judge for yourself exactly what’s changed. In fact, you can even cross check this post with the release notes and see things from all possible angles.

This latest release of the firmware from Apple carries quite a few bug fixes as well as improvements that have been designed in a way to make this platform better streamlined to achieve better performance and a perfect user experience overall. However, even though iOS 12.1.2 does not expose any kind of completely new functionality, it still comes with some really important changes and upgrades that are relevant, particularly to the folks from China. With Apple’s battle still continuing with Qualcomm Inc., there was a ruling from the court that the products of Apple infringe quite a few patents that were held by Qualcomm in the first place. The ruling made Apple to come up with a few changes in its software to comply with court’s orders. And that is what’s in focus primarily in iOS 12.1.2 release.

The new iOS also has some bug fixes to make things better on iPhones. This new update:

  • Fixes the bugs reported in the activation of eSIM for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR
  • Addresses the issue which might have an effect on cellular connectivity for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR in Turkey

Besides, iOS 12.1.2 fixes the issues with eSIM activation as well as the cellular connectivity problems on new iPhones in Turkey as well.

This release from Apple may not be considered as the most impressive or the biggest firmware release from the company ever made for public. However, it still is among the most significant updates being pushed out of late from the perspective of legal requirements.

In case, if you’re interested in reading about complete changes, verbose release notes and improvements directly from horse’s mouth, they are all listed above. Obviously, if you own compatible iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, release notes may also be accessible within Software Update mechanism whenever you download and choose to install this new iOS on your compatible device.

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