iOS 12 Hidden Features And Updates For iPhone/iPad

Yes, we all know that iOS 12 has finally arrived and it’s come equipped with all the latest Apple has to offer to its pool of loyal customers. While there have been some amazing features highlighted and demonstrated at the WWDC keynote event, not all of them could have been announced on stage. So, that leaves quite a lot of hidden features behind and we have most of them listed here for you to take a look.

So, here are all the hidden iOS 12 features that we’ve discovered since the announcement and release of iOS 12. Remember that as we start to use the latest iOS 12 release from now on, this list is going to grow bigger and bigger for sure. Without further ado, however, let’s take a look at some of the coolest hidden features of iOS 12 that you may not yet be aware of.

  1. Siri translations are now available in more than 40 languages.
  2. Siri has been added with new knowledge areas so that it can answer queries about celebrity facts, motorsports, passwords, food photo memories, etc.
  3. UI tweaks for the Apple News
  4. Animation tweaks introduced system-wide.
  5. Portrait Segmentation API.
  6. iPad gets gestures similar to iPhone X.
  7. Share passwords between close by iOS devices, Macs, Apple TVs, etc.
  8. Stronger and better password suggestions.
  9. You’ll be reminded by the iOS to change password in case if you’re using that same password which you had used previously for some other service in the new account.
  10. Silent Notifications.
  11. Autofill option for 2-factor SMS codes.
  12. Critical alerts can now bypass the Do Not Disturb mode.
  13. Use third-party password managers to easily fill in different passwords.
  14. RAW format now supported in the Photos app.
  15. Improvement in Portrait Lighting and better edge detection.
  16. Single swipe for quitting apps on the multitasking interface of iPhone X.
  17. Highlighting of QR Codes as soon as they’re detected by the Camera app.
  18. USB Restricted Mode
  19. Multi-use Face ID
  20. Screen Time Widget
  21. Automatic OTA updates for software
  22. Notification grouping into threads.
  23. Message Shortcuts
  24. Scan QR Code from Control Center
  25. Refurbished Menu Bar for iPad
  26. Improved suggestions in Siri
  27. New wallpaper
  28. New Lock screen options for disabling Wallet access and USB accessories.
  29. iCloud support coming to Voice Memos.
  30. Ability to select quality of audio compression in settings for Voice Memos.
  31. Ability to set default recording name in settings for Voice Memos.
  32. Markup in new colors.
  33. Ability to select thickness and opacity of the Markup tools simply be pressing in on the tool after selection.
  34. New experimental features for WebKit.
  35. Favicons for the tabs in Safari browser.
  36. Settings app offering new options related to Apple Books.
  37. Set your custom durations in Podcasts app for Back and Forward.
  38. Settings app offering a chart showing battery usage for past 24 hours. The same option works for last 10 days as well rather than 7 days.
  39. New chart to show information pertaining to battery usage.
  40. Notification Settings can now be managed directly from the Lock Screen.
  41. Better Do Not Disturb mode with Control Center shortcut, Bedtime, and more.
  42. Availability of Parental Controls with certain app limits.
  43. Integration of FaceTime in the Messages app.
  44. The color of Music widget in Lock screen is now same as wallpaper instead of old light gray color.
  45. When Face ID authentication fails, you can swipe up for rescanning.
  46. Press space button for selecting text in the non-3D Touch devices.
  47. Hearing widget addition in the Control Center lets you use AirPods with iPhone’s microphone which can be your hearing aid
  48. Different controls like switches and buttons can be added by the developers to make interactive notifications having custom views.
  49. Darker notifications color in the Do Not Disturb mode which appear in typical lighter accent otherwise.
  50. Now you can turn flashlight on with Siri.
  51. The dictation feature works with 3rd party keyboards.
  52. Face ID scan now possible through a new UI.
  53. Complete email preview available in the notification.
  54. Apps are disabled by screen downtime during scheduled period.
  55. Wi-Fi networks can now be connected independently on Watch.
  56. iPads running iOS 12 can now use the built-in video player user interface of webpage when in the full screen mode.
  57. The brightness settings are now available in Display section within the Settings app.
  58. More details available with the Apple Pay
  59. New artist page in Apple Music where you can press play button for shuffling the songs of the artist.
  60. On iPad, you have a separate Control Center which earlier used to be in Multitasking UI.
  61. Reachabiity Mode gets a Swipe Up arrow.
  62. You can now scroll through in the Reachability Mode.
  63. Colors pallet added to tools bar of Notes app.
  64. Camera app in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus now get Haptic Feedback.
  65. Weather app gets air quality indicators now.
  66. Level screen doesn’t exist anymore in Compass app as it’s shifted to the Measure app now.
  67. 5Y, 10Y and ALL options are added to graphs in Stocks app.
  68. Control Center receives latest 3D Touch features.
  69. Duration for Animoji videos is extended from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.
  70. No occupying space available for carrier name in the Status Bar for low resolution devices such as iPhone SE and iPhone 5s
  71. For 4” smartphones, Safari now offers rounded tabs. Earlier, the option was available only in the 4.7” devices.
  72. Minor UI tweaks added to the Messages app.
  73. Photos app now available in Messages.
  74. South African and Irish accents now added to Siri.
  75. UI tweaks added to the Photos app.
  76. Tint removed from wallpaper in iOS 12.
  77. Maps navigation can now be adjusted on the Apple Watch.
  78. Support for Airport Express is now back in the Home app.
  79. Four more Animoji characters added.
  80. New toggle added to Settings app for the AutoFill Passwords option.
  81. New user interface added to edit Photos that you take using Camera in the Messages app.
  82. Face ID Alternate Appearance works when you lay in the bed on your side.
  83. Haptic feedback added when the iPhone is on charge.
  84. Toggle added to Podcasts app for the Next/Previous functions.
  85. New controls added for managing tint opacity in the Markup/screenshot UI.
  86. The data from Stocks app now goes to iCloud.
  87. Face ID can work with an open mouth as well.
  88. Stocks widget gets bigger and comes with new charts.
  89. Deleting allowed from the screen recording notification.
  90. Camera app icon added with a Scan QR Code 3D Touch action.
  91. Hey Siri can now work even in Low Power Mode.
  92. Activity app gets a new Awards tab/page.
  93. Camera opens directly in the Messages app.
  94. Smart Invert gets better with slight tweaking.
  95. Synonyms and other related concepts now available for different words through English Thesaurus.
  96. More advanced and better privacy controls.
  97. Call Classification and reporting.
  98. Videos can’t interrupt AirPlayed music anymore.
  99. Multi-page folder available with landscape view.
  100. 3 new language dictionaries added: One of them is Arabic & English bilingual dictionary, the other is Hebrew dictionary, and the last one is Hindi & English bilingual dictionary.
  101. Store cards with NFS support display an icon towards bottom right in the Wallet app.
  102. CarPlay buttons get bigger.
  103. CarPlay gets support for 3rd Party navigation apps.
  104. When you’re in portrait mode and it’s dark all around, your face as well as body position will be detected by TrueDepth camera.
  105. Albums in the Photos app now get sorted in Folders.
  106. Keyboard passwords now work even for the PDF passwords (in the Documents from Readdle).
  107. Speed dial feature comes to FaceTime and iMessage.
  108. Workflows get imported automatically into Shortcuts.
  109. Do Not Disturb available during the workout notification.
  110. Maps data gets a refresh for the Apple Maps app.
  111. Activity app gets new Stickers/Gifs.
  112. Extensions for SMS/Call Reporting.
  113. Apple ID gets Share My Location feature.
  114. When you set up your device running iOS 12 for the very first time, a new screen is shown for the automatic updates.
  115. Share photo links right from the photos app (iCloud links are created for viewing photo for thirty days.)
  116. iOS 12 gives suggestions for texting or calling people when it’s their birthday.
  117. Search Apple Music with lyrics.
  118. When you make Safari search for artist, it displays a direct link to Apple Music.
  119. HomeKit user interface tweaks.
  120. Backgrounds in HomeKit are now changed to the gradient colors.
  121. Significant locations get more accurate with iOS 12, and it even shows you exactly how you’ve got to indexed location.
  122. Live Listen feature for the AirPods.
  123. Air Quality feature added to Weather app.
  124. Single AirPod smart play.
  125. Contact badge is now shown in CarPlay and it’s not just the nickname displayed when you’re messaging someone.
  126. A checkmark animation icon has been added to confirm that the message was actually sent by Siri when you asked it to do so.
  127. There’s a contact badge now shown in CarPlay rather than simply their nickname when you are sending someone a message.
  128. Using iOS 12, your calls can now be handed off to the Apple Watch.
  129. If you’re using maps and you’ve got a call, it will run in background while the screen is not taken over and you can continue to use the Maps as you already were.
  130. “Insights & suggestions” warning is given if you’re using the iPhone more after some recent update.
  131. iPad status bar gets OS-wide date.
  132. Your phone will vibrate a couple of times in case of Touch ID failure while it will do the same once if it is unlocked with Touch ID.
  133. Home-Button delay.
  134. With iOS 12 you can transfer calls audio to your Apple Watch.
  135. Any pictures that you may have deleted recently will be kept for around 40 days.
  136. Tapping on audio under anyone’s name will present the option of making FaceTime audio or regular voice call.
  137. You get iPhone X-like line under battery, Control Center, Wi-Fi signal, etc. when you enter notification bar on your iPad.
  138. You get more information about transactions from Apple Pay through Wallet app whenever a particular payment is selected.
  139. iPhone-only applications on iPad don’t appear anymore in the iPhone 4s size. Rather they now appear in the iPhone 6
  140. “Hey Siri, where is my phone” option added.
  141. Typing in your passcode as you use AirPlay can hide keypad on mirrored screen.
  142. QR codes are now squared by the image and you are told to get close if necessary.
  143. Third-Party video controls can now be disabled in the fullscreen.
  144. Alert sounds updated.
  145. You are now warned by the Music player when you are about to go beyond safe volume limit.
  146. When editing photos and saving them in-app, it will save your photos right next to original ones.
  147. Suggestion for sending photos in the iMessage app.
  148. “Read” for SMS.
  149. Support for remote controls added to HomeKit.
  150. You can reveal additional actions depending on the content when you hold down on QR codes.

Now, that’s quite a long list of features that you might not be aware of as yet. So, that means, the new iOS is coming with a whole lot of new features and upgrades from the previous versions. And, if you have long been anticipating it, then it’s time that you go for the upgrade. In fact, you will explore even more features and updates.

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