iOS 14 Jailbreak – The Pangu Team Shows Off New iOS Jailbreak At The MOSEC 2020 Conference

    The Pangu Team has shown off iOS 14 jailbreak successfully at the MOSEC 2020 conference. Let’s check out some related details.iOS 14 has not yet been made publicly available, but the jailbreakers have already started working on it to bring the jailbreak of the upcoming iOS to the Apple users. At the MOSEC 2020 conference, the Pangu Team came forward to show their jailbroken iOS 14 smartphone.

    MOSEC 2020 is a mobile security conference that focuses on mobile security. During this year’s MOSEC, the Pangu Team took the stage to show off their jailbroken iPhone 11 Pro with iOS 14 running on it.

    However, even though we have seen the demo of hacked iOS 14, it does not really mean that the jailbreak will be released for general public right away. If it comes out at all is yet to be seen, in fact.

    It’s been a long time since the Pangu Team came up with their last iOS jailbreak. They haven’t introduced a jailbreak since they did it with iOS 9. It is quite common for the teams to come up with their jailbreaks which are never made available publicly. Nobody knows what they do with such jailbreaks.

    It is quite unlikely as well to see any jailbreak releases coming up for the iOS 14 before the new operating system actually makes its public release in September this year. If a jailbreak is released before the official release of the software, Apple will have a chance to patch the security issues well before time.

    So, the jailbreakers and Apple continue with their game that they have been playing for a long time now. This new possible jailbreak may be bad news if you look at it from Apple’s perspective, but it’s certainly great news for anyone who wants ultimate control over their iOS devices.

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