iOS 16 Brings New Features With Spotlight

    Spotlight is an integrated intelligent search tool present on iPad and iPhones. It is intended to browse files, the web, and apps that assist you to locate your desired items. On iPhone and iPad, the new iOS 16 update strengthens the spotlight search. Spotlight offers incredible new capabilities on iOS 16, including simpler access, image search, richer results, and more.

    Let’s have a look at the amazing features included to spotlight search with iPadOS 16 and iOS 16.

    Home Page Search

    Previously, to access the Spotlight Search feature, the Search interface was brought up by swiping down from the Home page. But in iOS 16, Apple decided to include another “Search” icon.

    A swipe-down motion and the leftmost widget page were formerly the only ways to access Spotlight Search, but now the users of iOS 16 can easily access Spotlight search. It can be done by pressing the dedicated Search button, which is located just beneath the home screen icons.

    The page dots, which are used to tell you the availability of app pages in your phone, are replaced by the search icon until a swipe to the right or left.

    The search button is present above the dock, but you can disable it in the Home Page area of the settings App.

    Execute Rapid Actions

    The Spotlight Search feature is very useful to perform tasks quickly. The Users of iOS 16 or later devices can now utilize this function to initiate their tasks like activating focus mode, setting a timer, launching shortcuts, finding a song by shazam, and others more rapidly.

    Spotlight can also guide the users to look for the shortcuts accessible for any app in the search results. This means that the name of an app can be rapidly searched, and the search results will show all of the shortcuts for that app.

    Beginning Live Events

    In the future, when Apple introduces “Live Events”, users will be able to launch a live event such as a sports game using the spotlight. It will be displayed on the lock screen. Live events are the constantly updated interactive alerts that enable you to monitor events as they happen in their actual time. If you’re watching a sporting event, you can keep checking the updated score on the lock screen. And if you’re looking for a cab ride, you can keep an eye out for your driver to arrive.

    “Live events” will not be accessible in iOS 16 at launch, but it will be present in an upcoming update.

    Picture Search within an App

    The picture search function in spotlight search has been expanded to new apps and now works in Messages, Notes, and Files. Upon typing users’ queries, the spotlight will look for them in the images found in these apps.

    The spotlight may locate objects like cats or a car as well as texts inside photographs, scenes, people, places and more in photos from files, notes, and messages, along with the photos app in iOS 16.

    Richer, Improved Results

    Users may now access richer search results when they conduct a search directly within the spotlight for sports leagues, sports teams, or businesses. Apple is enhancing the information appearing in rich search results such as data about an actor by doing a name search.

    Upgrading Siri Suggestions

    Apple has improved Siri to take context into account when recommending the apps you might wish to use. As a result, the recommended apps and actions in the spotlight become more applicable to your current activity.

    On smartphones running iOS 16, the spotlight offers Siri suggestions that are more useful by displaying recent searches and allowing users to swiftly go back to a previous search.

    Siri suggestions can also give directions if you have an upcoming meeting, or recommend checking of your flight status. It can also recommend you to wish someone a happy birthday on call, present your frequently used apps of the day to you, or it can recall you most recent searches so you may access earlier results more rapidly.

    Enhancement of App Clip

    App clips are upgraded versions of apps that enable the users to enjoy a small portion of the app’s features without performing a full installation. Spotlight incorporates App clips, recommending app clips when you’re in a certain location.

    Apple uses accurate location recommendations in iOS 16 to enhance the App Clip recommendations in Spotlight, however, location-based recommendations can be turned off as usual in the privacy area of the settings app.

    The Apple iOS 16 spotlight feature will definitely prove itself on every ground. It is sure that the users will find it worthy and will stick to its useful characteristics. Because it comprises every amazing function that an Apple user demands. From the home page search feature to the Siri suggestions, iOS 16 is going to win the hearts of the testers.

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