iPad Pro 2018 Uses Magic Of Magnets To Be Attached To Fridge Doors

Yes, we are inching closer to the time when we’d have many proud owners of latest iPad Pro 2018 tablets and, in fact, there are some lucky ones who have already got their devices in order to review them. So, we are all set to learn new things about these latest devices from Apple for sure right ahead of their delivery.

Yes, we’re understand that it is the talk of the day and new iPads are at forefront of people’s minds, but we just need to sit tight and learn some interesting facts about the latest gadgets from Apple. And, one interesting fact that most of you might already know is that these new iPad Pro devices will use the magic of magnets and can be attached to fridge doors.

When these iPads were first announced, Apple took the narrative that these new tablets will come with quite a few magnets – more than 100 magnets, in fact. Now, that is certainly a huge number if you take into account the magnets to be included in a single tablet. According to Apple, the reason behind that is these magnets are helpful in enabling Folio – the latest Smart Keyboard – to not just attach to iPad Pro devices but do so without moving at all. Now, as we’ll have so many magnets within a single device, one obvious question that might strike your imagination would be if you can attach it to your fridge door or not.

A journalist from Intrepid dared to test this theory out on one of his team’s iPad Pros and the outcome really left everyone amazed. Yes, these new iPad Pro models have the ample magnetic pull for allowing them to be attached to the fridge doors.

However, you still need to be careful with all that and we’re not sure for the amount of time you can safely let the new iPad in that position. Just keep one thing in your mind, if you’re ready to try that out with your new iPad Pro model, ensure that you have a nice floor at your place and that it’s covered in a soft case that offers enough cushion to avoid damage if your trick fails.

You have the warning now, so just be careful and act cautiously!

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