iPadOS 14.5 brings Landscape Boot Logo and Emoji Search Features To iPads

    Apple introduced iPadOS 14.5 beta 1 this week and the operating system was made available to developers. The OS came with multiple new features and we are still learning about what’s new in this beta release.

    Some of the changes that Apple made to the OS are meant to fix the issues that we have long been waiting for and, finally, they are here. One of such changes is the introduction of emoji search feature, similar to the one available to the iPhone users. Besides, there is also a new landscape boot logo of Apple which shows when the iPad boots in the said orientation.

    Even though this Apple logo issue wasn’t a big deal and many wouldn’t often run into it, the introduction of emoji search feature is certainly a major improvement.


    After installing iPad OS 14.5, the users can open an emoji picker where they can find their desired emoji through a search field. Entering a specific search term in the search field will allow them to bring up the emoji that fit best to their search criteria.

    This new iPadOS update is currently with the developers, and hasn’t yet been launched into Apple’s public beta program.

    That said, it is not yet known how long it will take for this update to roll out to all the iPad users around the world.

    Generally, Apple runs through multiple betas before an update is deemed fit for the general public. So, expect the new features to roll out in, at least, a few weeks from now.

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