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iPhone 5s Jailbreak – Get Everything You Want On Your iPhone

Despite the latest versions of iPhone introduced in the market, there are many iPhone users who are very much pleased with the older iPhone 5s. However, they often feel the need of iPhone 5s jailbreak. However, they don’t have the proper set of instructions that they can use for effectively jailbreaking their device. Unlocking of the iPhone device is supported by Apple and it allows iPhone users to have better access to iphone 5s functions and features.

You can use various mobile carriers on your jailbroken devices despite the restrictions that have been placed by Apple on software that can run on an iPhone. As soon as you jailbreak your device running iOS 7, you are given access to host of new applications that are not allowed otherwise. Furthermore, you can be able to add new tools, functionality and settings to your iPhone.

 iPhone 5s Jailbreak

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What Is Jailbreaking iPhone?

 iPhone 5S Jailbreak

Jailbreaking actually refers to the process of removing restrictions on your device that have been placed by iOS. With jailbreak, you get root access for file system of the iOS your device is running. As a result, you allow yourself to install additional applications, themes and extensions which you may not be able to find at the App Store from Apple.

Several Jailbreaking Benefits

iPhone 5S Jailbreak

  • Better freedom to perform anything you want on your iPhone 5s
  • Improved Functionality
  • Better Customization
  • Changed default toggles on the panel
  • Memory cleaning with just a screen flick
  • Gesture shortcuts to do anything you’d like

How To Begin With Jailbreak iPhone Hacks And Tricks?

iPhone 5S Jailbreak

It is advised that before you even take the very first step towards iPhone 5s Jailbreak, you should always backup your device with the iTunes software for free. Though it is fairly safe to jailbreak your phone but when your backup is stored somewhere else all risks are taken care of. iPhone jailbreak doesn’t void your iPhone’s warranty. However, you may end up corrupting your software and firmware if there is some interruption in the process or if the connection is lost when it is updating. After completing the backup, you can use different tools to jailbreak iOS 7 or later.

Steps For iPhone 5s Jailbreak

Steps For iPhone 5s Jailbreak - iPhone 5S Jailbreak

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As soon as you are ready for the jailbreak, follow these steps to successfully unlock iPhone 5s.

  1. Go settings on iPhone 5s
  2. Click on iCloud
  3. Choose backup & select to take backup of the device
  4. Disable Passcodes by going to Settings > touch id & passcode
  5. Switch to ‘Airplane Mode’
  6. Download Pangu Jailbreak App (iTunes is also needed)
  7. Once download completes, open Pangu
  8. Plugin your iPhone 5s
  9. As Pangu recognizes your device click “Start”
  10. Next click on “Already Backup”
  11. Now wait for some time before your device reboots and the setup prompts you to switch to “Airplane Mode” again
  12. Once you do that, setup will continue automatically
  13. You will then be prompted to open the app on iPhone
  14. Tap your Pangu app and allow access as prompted
  15. Now your iPhone will again reboot
  16. Once the phone restart, disable the airplane mode and open Cydiaicon which will be available on the Home Screen
  17. Cheers! You can now use your jailbroken iPhone

So, if you ever want iPhone 5sjailbreak, just follow the steps mentioned above and you’ll be all good to use your iPhone 5s in a completely different manner.

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