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    There was a lot of buzz on Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone line just a couple of months back and everyone was talking about what Apple will reveal in September this year. As it came out, Apple introduced three new iPhones as expected, and they were named iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. We discussed iPhone 8 in our previous post and it’s time we’ll bring everything to you about iPhone 8 Plus. In fact, these are the two iPhones that Apple has already released to the masses and iPhone X, the last of the three iPhones announced at September 12 event in California, is set to go on sale from 3rd of November.

    So, let’s get on with all the details about new iPhone 8 Plus model from Apple and discuss iPhone 8 Plus features and specs.

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    iPhone 8 Plus Features  And Specs

    Here are all the features that the new iPhone 8 Plus comes equipped with. The features also reflect the changes and new details that Apple has added to its newest iPhone line.

    1. Glass Back Offers Some New Powers

    Apple has introduced glass back in its new iPhones and that brings new powers to the 2017 iPhones in the form of wireless charging. Yes, the new iPhones are capable of wireless charging and just need a wireless charging pad for getting charged. In addition to that, what makes this new iPhone great from the aesthetic view point is its outer coloring. The glossy new look of the gold-colored iPhones gives them a really luxurious look. It comes with gold-aluminum rim combined with gold/white back made out of high quality glass.

    The combination looks quite appealing and makes it visually different compared to iPhone 7 Plus to offer a better, more luxurious effect. However, one thing you should keep in mind is that the space gray and silver colors do not have that same level of visual appeal. Nevertheless, they also feel different in hand with their glass back.

    1. A11 Bionic Chip

    All the new iPhones, including iPhone 8 Plus, are powered by A11 bionic chip. It is more powerful, more efficient and more feature-rich as compared to the previous A10 fusion chip that Apple used in its iPhone 7. This new chipset features six cores inside, out of which four are efficiency cores that do basic stuffwhile the remaining two perform all that heavy lifting stuff like photo-editing, offering camera effects in real-time and intensive multi-tasking. Any app which requires photo manipulation at higher levels would work flawlessly on the new iPhones featuring A11 chip. Also, there is no lag time when you have to work with several layers in the image.

    The new chip also paves way for greater battery life and AR coming tonew iPhones. It has turned out to be kind of a standard for iPhones to offer these features.

    1. iPhone 8 Plus Display

    iPhone 8 Plus Features, Specs And Price


    iPhone 8 Plus comes with a bigger display as compared to the smaller iPhone 8 model as expected. The Plus model gives you access to a 5.5” full HD display that falls just below 5.8” of iPhone X. The Retina HD display comes with True Tone technology to offer brighter, sharper image than ever. With true tone features, the white balance of the screen is adjusted automatically according to the lighting conditions of the surrounding.

    The wider color gamut and perfect color accuracy makes for most vibrant display available today. Both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus offer wide viewing angles with the help of dual-domain pixels to ensure that you get a perfect view of the screen no matter where you look from.

    1. iPhone 8 Plus Camera

    iPhone 8 Plus Camera-iPhone 8 Plus Features, Specs And Price


    Though both the iPhone 8 models feature a bigger 12 MP camera that comes with a faster, larger sensor but where the Plus model leaves its other counterpart behind is that it comes with a dual lens. Besides, both the iPhones offer deeper pixels, new color filter, and OIS for both videos and Photos.

    Headline feature, however, for the 12 MP rear cam is better bokeh mode that Apple says Portrait Lighting. It really makes your new iPhone camera quite astounding and shows you the real power of the A11 bionic chip that comes along. It follows an algorithm to work out contours of your face and makes changes to the lighting dynamically. Must say, it’s really impressive.You can take advantage of Portrait Lighting at the time of capturing photos or later through gallery.

    The portrait mode itself is a major upgrade as compared to its predecessor. It has become faster and brighter. You now get sharper foregrounds and the backgrounds are blurred more naturally as well.

    Besides everything else, there is optical zoom enabled on both the telephoto as well as wide-angle lenses in new iPhone 8 Plus. There is digital zoom too that can help you to look at your photos 10x closer and the videos 6x closer.

    1. Support For AR

    With the help of A 11 chip, Apple introduces AR to its latest lot of iPhones. In fact, it has become a benchmark for iPhones to support AR now. And with iOS 11 extending itself as a better platform for AR gaming, and other AR apps overall, there can’t be a better iPhone to enjoy AR on.

    iPhone 8 Plus Price And Release Date

    iPhone 8 Plus Price_opt

    The new iPhone 8 Plus is available in a couple of storage options and both are priced differently, of course. Nevertheless, it’s a touch expensive as compared to the iPhone 8 models.

    If you are up for buying iPhone 8 Plus with 64 GB storage then you will have to pay $799 while if you are looking for more storage and want to go for 256 GB model then it will be an extravagant price of $949 that you will have to bear. Remember that the prices for high-end iPhone X start at $999. So, it would be better to think which of them is a better buy for you.

    As for the release date, this iPhone is already out in the market and was launched on 22nd of September 2017 with iPhone 8. So, if you have been waiting for it, the wait is already over and you can hit the market to grab your piece.

    The Bottom Line

    Though a bit expensive, the bigger iPhone 8 Plus comes equipped with all sorts of features and is worth buying. If you are comparing it with the smaller iPhone 8, both the iPhones are more or less the same but there are certain aspects where iPhone 8 Plus beats its smaller counterpart. In fact, one of the differences is the size itself. Then there are differences in cameras of the two iPhones and so forth. With that being said, the Plus model is priced a bit higher as well and, therefore, you have to give specific weights to features and price and then decide which one is a better buy for you according to what you need. You may also want to consider whether you should go for this iPhone or the high-end iPhone X as there is just a slight price difference among the two.

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