iPhone 9 Features, Specs, Price, Release Date, News And Everything Else You Should Know

    Apple skipped iPhone 9 last year and rather came up with its 10th anniversary flagship iPhone X that featured all-new capabilities and offered something to everyone. However, in 2018, Apple now seems to be bridging up that gap between iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

    Though the name hasn’t been finalized yet but, as it appears, we’re going to have iPhone 9 this year and the probable iPhone 9 release date would be in September according to the schedule followed in yesteryears. And even though there’s no solid piece of information about iPhone 9 right now, there many rumors floating around that indicate we’re going to have bigger screen and a hybrid of iPhone X and iPhone 8 in terms of features.

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    The sections below enlist all the available information to give an idea of exactly what can be expected from the new iPhone.

    iPhone 9 Rumors And News

    The latest iPhone 9 update is that the new iPhone is expected to ship with tiny bezel along with Intel modem, however, it may or may not have two sizes. Also, this year a couple of iPhones are expected and the other one that we’re talking about is probably going to be iPhone XI. If we see a new iPhone XI, it is definitely going to be the premium successor to iPhone X whereas iPhone 9 is expected to succeed iPhone 8. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is expected to launch 6.1” handset featuring lesser specs compared to other iPhone models to hit the market in 2018. This particular handset is expected to have aluminum frame and LCD screen will replace the OLED display. As for bezel, you can expect something around 0.5 mm.

    iPhone 9 Rumors And News-iPhone 9 FeaturesKuo further informs that 6.1” model may have lower resolution at 320-330 ppi whereas it may be around 458 ppi or something even better in iPhone XI. There are rumors that the new iPhone will come with 3GB RAM and it will be 4GB in other models coming our way.

    What’s even more surprising is that it might also skip 3D Touch which was actually there in every iPhone that was released after iPhone SE. That wouldn’t be likely when Apple made a switch to an all-glass design last year that also paved way for wireless charging features. Now, what that means is if Apple decides to go back to metal back then it may have to skip wireless charging features in the new iPhone.

    The upcoming iPhone is also expected to get some features from last year’s iPhone X as well because some unknown supply chain sources supposedly said Face ID would be included in lower price iPhone and that it may also come with OLED screen. However, it’s not aligned with the most recent rumors floating around.

    To confuse things even further, where most of the sources are saying that Apple is going to launch 3 new iPhones this year out of which 2 will be the successors to iPhone X featuring OLED displays, a source also claimed that 2 of them will feature LCD displays and just 1 will come with OLED.

    There’s also a rumor floating around that this new iPhone might feature Intel modem. As far as currently available iPhone models are concerned, we have both Qualcomm and Intel being used but with latest rumors, Apple might shift solely to Intel.

    iPhone 9 Release Date And Price

    iPhone 9 Release Date And Price-iPhone 9 FeaturesConsidering the typical schedule that Apple follows, a September 2018 release is anticipated for this year’s iPhone model. And, when it actually comes out, it will surely be expensive. An analyst rumored about the price of the new iPhone to be somewhere around $700-$800. That means, the price is going to be somewhere around that of iPhone 8 and way below iPhone X.

    Dual Rear-Facing Cameras

    One thing that is certain for now is that new iPhone 9 will come equipped with dual rear-facing cameras. But if we follow the trend of last few years, the manufacturer might just include such a camera in the plus-sized model that would be iPhone 9 Plus.

    But if Apple decides to offer the feature to everyone who does not want to spend plus-sized dollars then it would be a great move for sure. And, if you want to use your new iPhone as a replacement to DSLR then you can make adjustments to portrait lighting as well and shoot photos with depth.

    Is Touch ID Expected To Come Back?

    Is Touch ID Expected To Come Back-iPhone Features

    Last year, when Apple introduced iPhone X it got rid of Touch ID and physical Home button features of iPhone in favor of Face ID. However, we never know when Apple decides to bring it back and implement it right under OLED display.

    Is the New iPhone Going To Get ProMotion Display?

    Is the New iPhone Going To Get ProMotion Display-iPhone Features

    Apple came up with TrueTone technology when it introduced iPhone 8 and iPhone X models last year. It ensures that display’s color temperature matches the temperature of ambient color. What it does is that it prevents whites from feeling blue or yellow. However, the two iPhones did not get ProMotion technology which is now on the cards.

    Apple first introduced the technology with iPad Pro in 2017. It allows for dynamic refresh letting the display to ramp up for supporting Apple Pencil besides ensuring incredibly smooth scrolling and ramping down for conserving power.

    Is There Going To Be A Smart Connector Similar To That Of iPad Pro?

    Is There Going To Be A Smart Connector Similar To That Of iPad Pro-iPhone FeaturesAs it goes with Apple, new technologies are introduced in a single device and then rolled out across its entire line. It happened when Retina was introduced in iPhone 4 as well as the introduction of Touch ID in iPhone 5s. Apple introduced a Smart Connector with iPad Pro in 2015 that attaches itself through magnet and then runs power, ground and data directly from iPad. Currently, it powers Smart Keyboards from Apple and Logitech and more are expected to come in future.

    Smart Connector could easily be engineered for the iPhone 9 model but what possible use could it be for? iPad Pro 9.7” received a Smart Keyboard in comparatively smaller size but we are not sure if Apple is ready to go that lane again and make it even smaller.

    Are We Going To Have A Waterproof iPhone 9?

    Are We Going To Have A Waterproof iPhone 9-iPhone 9 Features

    From iPhone 7 to iPhone X, we have had water resistant devices but none of them was completely waterproof. With an IP67 rating, these iPhones could survive dunks, floods and accidental splashes but were not sturdy enough as the devices from competing brands like Samsung.

    Though you may not want to swim with your iPhone in pocket every weekend, but if your pastimes or jobs often require you to get exposed to water or you love underwater photography, for instance, you’d love to know that new iPhone 9 will have IP68 rating.

    Is iPhone 9 Going To Support Distance Charging?

    Inductive charging features came with iPhone 8 and iPhone X last year that followed Qi-charging standard. As of now, you are required to put your iPhone directly on physical charging pad to get it charged wirelessly. The rumors, however, are that Apple is currently working on a technology called resonant inductive coupling that will allow future devices to be charged from a distance as well. So, you may not even need a charging pad for new charging your new iPhone 9 and will just have to put it somewhere close to power station.

    So, iPhone 9 is expected to come with a lot of new features and can be expected to make your iPhone experience even more interesting. Let’s wait and watch what it comes with!

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