iPhone Prices Expected To See $100 Drop for 2018 iPhone X & iPhone X Plus

    Many do not seem to agree on how well iPhone’s latest models are selling today. Time Cook, Apple CEO, was previously found claiming iPhone X to be company most popular device. However, that couldn’t stop the experts and analysts to shape their opinion that the latest celebrity device from iPhone failed to meet the expectations.

    One major reason behind that is usually considered the steep starting price that stands at $1000 and even though the trade-ins and upgrades can reduce it to some extent, still it’s quite a high price to deal with.

    Now, there are reports that suggest Apple will be addressing the issue by dropping the asking price for 2018 iPhones.

    A research note by Katy Huberty, the analyst from Morgan Stanley, gives us a better idea of what Apple is planning to charge for its iPhone line for 2018. Starting with the successor of its 5.8” OLED iPhone X, Huberty is of the view that Apple is going to drop its price by $100 which will bring it down to $899. As a result, the $999 price tag will be reserved for the upcoming iPhone X Plus that is expected to come with a massive 6.5” OLED display.

    The prices for both these devices are bound to increase depending on the storage space but what’s mentioned above is where it all starts.

    The 6.1” LCD iPhone rounds up the iPhone line and is going to be the top choice among those price conscious users who still can’t put their hands off an iPhone. Featuring a less impressive display and just one camera at its back, Huberty suggests that its price will start at somewhere between $699 and $769.

    Here we have lots of stuff making sense, particularly, the iPhone X’s repositioning. In case, if Apple decides to keep the replacement at $999 then the pricing for its bigger iPhone X Plus model would start way above $1000, but that’s something we can’t see happing. Not this year, at least! So, stay tuned and let’s see what Apple comes up with.

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