iPhone X – Everything Revealed About Apple’s Next Generation iPhone

iPhone X, the most-anticipated iPhone of the year, is all set for a November release. The new iPhone was made official by The Cupertino, a company based in California, at a September 2017 event that was conducted at Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park.

In one of his statements, Tim Cook, the CEO at Apple, said iPhone X to be company’s biggest leap since the first iPhone release. In fact, there are obvious reasons for that as well. The new edge-to-edge screen that the new iPhone comes with is made with surgical-grade stainless steel and there is glass on its rear panel. The new iPhone is resistant to water and dust as well.

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Then there is OLED display that makes your iPhone X the first device of its kind to have such sharp, bright and wonderful display. Despite the fact that there is now Home button, the new iPhone comes with an intuitive design to give you all the capabilities of a regular iPhone and much more than that. The raise-to-wake, swipe up gestures are there for offering the same home button functionality. You can also tap the screen of your new iPhone to wake it up. The gestures work across the OS and give you multi-tasking capabilities on your new iPhone.

So, if all this is making you curious, why not get a detailed look at the new iPhone X from Apple. Let’s check out all the great features and specifications that this big release comes with.

iPhone X – Features And Specs

There are many worth talking features that iPhone X comes equipped with. It’s truly the next generation iPhone that gives you an experience like never before. Let’s have a rundown of all the features and specifications that it comes equipped with.

1.       OLED Display

OLED Display-iPhone X - Everything Revealed About AppThe first iPhone to feature much talked about OLED display,iPhone X comes with a Super Retina HD Display that spans from edge to edge and offers a big 5.8” screen. The display resolution stands at 2436×1125 pixels. According to Apple, all the issues with color accuracy and brightness have been taken care of and you’d not have seen such an OLED screen before. The support for HDR 10 and Dolby Vision makes for amazing high-contrast video playback. The new iPhone also comes equipped with True Tone display for adjusting white balance of the screen according to the surroundings. It’s the same feature that was first introduced in iPad Pro 10.5”and is introduced in iPhones with the iPhone 8 release.

  1. Face ID

Face ID-iPhone X - Everything Revealed About App


Apple’s breakthrough feature, Face ID, which brings facial recognition to iPhone, is set to debut with iPhone X. The feature utilizes TrueDepthcamera that is hidden inside that notch on top of your new iPhone screen. As you look at your new iPhone, your face is illuminated with the infrared light which then allows infrared cam to identify it. Worried if it will work in dark or not? Well, you don’t need to be. The power of 6-core A 11 Bionic chip and 3GB RAM allows the neural engine in iPhone X to process images in the real time. It mathematically maps the shape and contours of the face to give you access to your iPhone.

The manufacturer claims that Face ID does not get confused by your beards, hairstyles, or hats. And as stated by Craig Federighi, Apple’s VP of Software Engineering, the Face ID can even recognize you through most of the sunglasses as well. The sophisticated technology can’t even be fooled by pictures or masks as well. Besides, there’s a secure enclave in the A11 processor chip that is designed specifically to keep your facial data.

Believe it or not, Face ID is no less secure compared to the previous biometric user authentication system. The chances of anyone else unlocking your iPhone X are even less compared to previous systems. To be precise, Touch ID could be unlocked one in a 50,000 random attempts while it’s one in million for Face ID. There is Face ID integration for Apple Pay as well which means whenever you have to make a payment, you’ll first have to authenticate yourself with Face ID. However, Apple Pay still works fine with the apps that use the old Touch ID authentication as well.

To make it even more secure, there are some protections implemented by Apple that protect your iPhone data in case if it’s stolen or forcefully taken away. If someone holds your iPhone in front of your face, it won’t unlock until you stare at the phone. Pressing the buttons present on both the edges of your new iPhone will disable Face ID temporarily as well.

However, reports from The Wall Street Journal suggest that production issues surrounding Face ID sensor have been the cause of delay in the public release of the iPhone.

  1. iPhone X Camera

iPhone X Camera-iPhone X - Everything Revealed About


The new iPhone X comes with a dual-lens rear camera with a 12-mp sensor and dual OIS. As for the two lenses, there is wide-angle lens having f/1.8 aperture and then there’s telephoto lens with f/2.4 aperture. The front camera comes with a 7-mp sensor and extends support for Portrait mode, auto exposure control and image stabilization. The image signal processor that comes with new iPhone offers advanced pixel processing alongside new color fiters. The two cameras also use Natural Lighting effect that the manufacturer introduced with iPhone 8 back in September. Besides, there is support for augmented reality features that come with ARKitas well. The new iPhone now comes with 4K videos support at 60fps as well as slow-mo videos at 240fps. Both the telephoto and the wide-angle cameras on new iPhone offer optical zoom capabilities as well allowing you to enjoy up to 10X zoom for photos and up to 6x zoom for videos.

  1. A11 Bionic Processor Chip

The new iPhone X features same A11 Bionic chip that Apple introduced with iPhone 8 models. It’s an efficient 64-bit processor chip that comes with a new graphics unit designed by Apple. The new graphics unit is 30% faster compared to the previous version. The chip features 6 high efficiency cores to perform way better than A10 Fusion SoC and, according to a resource, the new iPhone comes with 3GB RAM as well.

  1. Battery Life

Battery Life-iPhone X - Everything Revealed About App


As far as the battery life is concerned, the new iPhone’s battery lasts for a couple of hours more than iPhone 7 in one charge. According to the filings of Tenna, the electronics regulator in China, the new iPhone comes with 2716mAh battery. There is wireless charging support in the new iPhone as well and it follows the Qi-wireless charging standard. Besides, Apple is set to introduce its own AirPower charging mat next year that can be used for wirelessly charging your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously.

  1. iPhone X Price & Availability

There were rumors floating around that iPhone X price will start at $1000 and, as it appears, that’s true. There will be a 64GB model and a 256GB model and the pre-orders for both will start from 27th of October. However, the new iPhone will start shipping from 3rd of November. The new iPhone will available in 55 different countries across the world.

However, as mentioned earlier, the dates mentioned above can still change due to assembling issues with Face ID sensors that were reported by The Wall Street Journal. The problem basically lies in the imbalance of Romeo and Juliet modules.

As reported by Christopher Caso, Raymond James’ chip analyst, iPhone X assembling is not set to begin until the mid of October, and the production will ramp up in December quarter. The reports from KGI securities suggest that it may well be taken into 2018 for Apple to fill all the orders of the new iPhone.

iPhone X vs iPhone 8 – What’s The Difference

If you have had your say about the iPhone 8 that is already out there, you must be wondering exactly it differs from the new flagship iPhone from Apple. Well, there are quite a few points of difference and here we’re giving you a comparison of the two iPhones so that you can decide which of the two would be a better buy for you.

iPhone X vs iPhone 8 – Display Comparison

If you want to compare two of the latest iPhone releases from Apple, you can’t find a better place to start than comparing the displays of these two iPhone models.

With iPhone X you get 5.8” 18.5:9 True Tone OLED display with 2436×1125 px resolution at 458 ppi. The screen-to-body ratio stands at 82.9%.

On the other hand, iPhone 8 has a 4.7” 16:9 True Tone LCD display with 1334x750px resolution at 326 ppi. The screen-to-body ratio stands at 65.6%.

Talking about the difference, the flagship iPhone from Apple gives you a dramatically larger display and the inclusion of OLED technology offers far better contrast ratio and more power savings. Besides, the increased pixel density and resolution in iPhone X is the best we have seen so far in iPhones.

The two displays resemble in the fact that both incorporate the two True Tone technology from Apple and also support HDR content which you can now find on iTunes, Amazon and Netflix.

iPhone X vs iPhone 8 – Design Comparison

iPhone X vs iPhone 8 – Design Comparison-iPhone X - E


As mentioned earlier, iPhone X comes with a bigger screen size than what we have in iPhone 8, but there is another point of difference in the two iPhones and that is compactness.

The bigger iPhone is 143.6×70.9×7.7 mm in dimensions with 174 g weight. Contrarily, iPhone 8 comes in dimensions 138.4×67.3×7.3 mm and its weight is 148 g.

As suggested by the dimensions mentioned above, the upcoming iPhone is taller compared to iPhone 8 but it is not thicker or wider at all. The weight is also a bit more than that of iPhone 8.

However, you can’t say that the design of new iPhone is anywhere near perfect. There’s a big ‘notch’right at its top that houses Face ID due to which it feels a bit odd to watch videos or view photos in full screen on the new iPhone. But that may be compensated by the removal of Touch ID sensor as it frees up considerable amount of space on the phone’s front to give you a really huge display.

Despite all their design differences, both the new iPhones still have some similarities as well. Both come with glass backs that allow for wireless charging. Then there is IP67 dust and water resistance featured in both the iPhones that allow them to be kept completely under 1 meter water for around 30 minutes. Lastly, they have solid Series 7000 Aluminum used in the chassis.

iPhone X vs iPhone 8 – Performance Comparison

Despite all the apparent differences of the two new iPhones from Apple, both seem to offer identical performance as they’re powered by the same A11 Bionic SoC.

The A11 Bionic processor chip that comes in these two iPhones gives them the power of 6 Core CPU, 6 Core GPU and M11 motion coprocessor. There is slight difference in RAM, however, as iPhone X comes with 3GB RAM while iPhone 8 gives you only 2GB RAM.

Though many consider RAM to be an important contributor in a phone’s performance, the fact that iPhone 8 has to drive a low resolution display as well as single lens cam makes it perform almost the same as its high-end counterpart.

Also, the performance of the two new iPhones is simply unparalleled. According to the claims from Apple, A11 gives you access to 25 percent faster CPU as well as 30 percent faster GPU in comparison to what we had in iPhone 7 models with A10 fusion chip. The A11 chip also gives you 70 percent better speed when it comes to multitasking. So, with the new iPhones, Apple seems to be extending its lead in modern day smartphones as far as performance is concerned.

The Bionic part, however, makes new high-end iPhone model to stand out. It, actually, powers the more secure facial recognition feature on the new iPhone after the removal of Touch ID.

iPhone X vs iPhone 8 – Camera Comparison

iPhone X vs iPhone 8 – Camera Comparison-Everything R


Yet another major difference between the two iPhones lies in Cameras. The high-end iPhone model comes with 12-mp telephoto lens. There are optical zoom capabilities available as well that certainly make it a better camera than that of iPhone 8 Plus which also features a dual camera system. What makes it better is its faster aperture and optical image stabilization characteristics. That’s exactly what allows for Portrait Mode as well.

As for the primary camera, remember iPhone 8 doesn’t feature dual lens, both the iPhones are identical elsewhere. There is 12-mp wide-angle rear cam withf/1.8 aperture and OIS. The front cam is 7-mp with f/2.2 aperture and it doesn’t have OIS.

The A11 Bionic chip also plays its part in improving camera performance. The chip, basically, features an Apple-designed Image Signal Processor that makes for better pixel processing, noise reduction and low-light auto focus. The high-end iPhone also utilizes the Face ID sensors for enabling Portrait Mode with front cam as well.

iPhone X vs iPhone 8 – Battery Life & Charging Comparison

The least impressive thing about the iPhone 8 model is the battery life. The manufacturer, in fact, admits it that they haven’t come up with any tangible battery life improvement from iPhone 7 in their latest iPhone 8 model.

However, that’s not the case with upcoming iPhone. Though not something really big, Apple says that its new iPhone will give a couple of hours more than what we have in iPhone 7. The Apple’s spec page claims the main boosts to be audio playback and talk time.

Both the new iPhones also come with wireless charging support and have quick wired charging capabilities as well. For wireless charging, the new iPhones from Apple follow Qi charging standard where as the wired alternative fills up 50 percent of your battery power inside 30 minutes. That’s quite a remarkable improvement.

iPhone X vs iPhone 8 –Storage & Price Comparison

Now that’s what everyone might be interested in. As for the storage, Apple has decided to start all the new iPhones at 64GB and there are no 32GB devices anymore. But you may be spoilt for choices as the company has introduced only two storage configurations for the new devices i.e. 64Gb and 256GB. There is only $50 price increase from previous model for iPhone 8 but the iPhone X is really an expensive gadget that the company has ever introduced.

The iPhone X will start selling at $999 for the 64GB model while the 256GB model is priced at $1149. The low-end iPhone 8, however, is a more economical solution and is priced at $699 for 64GB while you’ll have to pay $849 if you’re looking to grab 256GB alternative.

So, there’s a whopping $300 price difference between iPhone X and iPhone 8 with same storage capacity. Remember, all the prices mentioned above are exclusive of any taxes. So, you really need to make a careful choice here.

Conclusion: Which New iPhone Is A Better Buy?

2017 is by far the year of iPhone X and will be remembered in history for the same. The upcoming, high-end iPhone comes with significant design changes since the launch of very first iPhone back in 2007 and will surely take the world of smartphones by storm.

With that being said, iPhone 8 can still be considered as a smart buy. For a significant $300 less, iPhone users will be able to grab a phone that will be virtually identical in performance, battery life and photography to the high-end model.You may not be able to get a display as big and there won’t be any Face ID but still there will be enough good features to brag about.

So, if you can tradeoff a couple of high-end features to stay economical, iPhone 8 would be your best choice. But if money is not a problem and you want to enjoy the latest tech, don’t compromise on iPhone X.