iPhone X Retail Box Photo Spotted – Take A Look

Those looking forward to the upcoming iPhone X from Apple will have to wait till November 3 because that’s when the new iPhone will start shipping. Even pre-orders will start by the end of this month and despite all the rumors and guessing around on what new flagship iPhone from Apple will look like, we don’t really had a chance to take a look at the real thing. To be fortunate, we’re now beginning to see those real iPhones appear in the wild as the release day is drawing near with iPhone X retail box revealed.

iPhone X Retail Box Pictures Revealed…

Yes, we’ve already seen pictures in which people are using the new iPhone in Italy and San Francisco apparently, and now there’s something else that we see happening before iPhone releases as someone could manage to capture a shot of new iPhone X retail packing in the wild.

However, that might not matter much now because the manufacturer has already used its official website for showing the same to iPhone users.

But it does not mean that seeing the iPhone X retail packaging in the real world for very first time as compared to renders displayed on Apple’s website isn’t something really exciting to have happened before the actual release of the new iPhone. We have had this opportunity to take a look it retail packaging of iPhone X courtesy a Reddit user and, as it appears, it’s a box containing new iPhone on top of it.

iPhone X Retail Box Photo Spotted - Take A Look


If you’re a long time iPhone user then you must have an idea what this is like and exactly what we are talking about here. The Apple’s packaging 101 features a white-colored box with a new iPhone X right on top. One little caveat here, however, is that that’s probably not the box that you’ll see at the actual retail.

It was, in fact, disclosed by the person who shared it on Reddit in the first place. According to that Redditor, the reason for it was that it’s a pre-production iPhone X retail packing that we’re looking at in the photos. You must have noticed a lock icon right there on the display of iPhone X in the image. It won’t exist on actual retail packaging in which your new iPhone will ship. You can even compare it with renders of official box that are displayed on Apple.com and you’ll be able to notice the difference easily.

With that being said, at least we have something to look at. So, as we wait until new iPhone hits the market, we’ll try to take as many such sneak peaks as possible. It’s really so much fun!