How To Jailbreak iPhone 6s – Everything You Need To Know

    Jailbreaking is a common term that, probably, every iPhone user is aware of. But many still don’t have a clue as to what it can do to your iPhone and why people take this route. Users usually opt for iOS jailbreak because it allows them to get rid of any kind of instructions placed on the iOS. It also helps them in gaining root access for system files. There can be other motives for jailbreaking iPhone as well. But if you are running iPhone 6s, for instance, the first thing you might want to know is how to jailbreak iPhone 6s.
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    How To Jailbreak iPhone 6s

    How To Jailbreak iPhone 6s – Everything You Need To Know

    If you want to jailbreak your iPhone 6s, probably, the best option you have is to utilize some software or tool made for the same. So many jailbreak software are available nowadays that can be used for your iPhone 6s jailbreak. No matter which jailbreak tool you opt for, the first step should be to take backup of the device before you continue. Some popular options when it comes to the jailbreak software include:
    • Pangu
    • Yalu
    Here we’ll be discussing the steps to jailbreak your iPhone with the help of TaiG tool. Follow the steps given below to jailbreak your phone.

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    1. Search TaiG jailbreak software online and download appropriate version according to the system you’ll be running it on.
    2. Go to Settings and Tap Passcode
    3. Now tap “Enter Your Passcode” before choosing to “Turn Passcode Off”
    4. Finally, enter the Passcode.
    5. Next, turn off “Find My iPhone” feature on your device. For this, open Settings and choose iCloud. Choose “Find My iPhone” and then tap to turn the feature off.
    6. Connect the iPhone 6s that you want to jailbreak with your computer and launch TaiG jailbreak tool. Your device will be identified automatically as you launch the tool.
    7. Now you will see a new window on which you will have to click “Start” button present towards the bottom. This will begin the process of jailbreaking the iPhone.
    8. Just wait until TaiG completes the jailbreak and you receive a success message.

    Why Jailbreak iPhone 6s?

    How To Jailbreak iPhone 6s – Everything You Need To Know

    So, now that you know the process of jailbreaking your iPhone 6s, let’s give you some motivation as to why you should jailbreak your iPhone. Jailbreak simply breaks you free from any restrictions imposed on your device. So here are some of the top benefits that you get to enjoy by jailbreaking your iPhone 6s.

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    1. Firstly, you can be able to use the apps not authorized by Apple. Despite millions of apps available on App Store, many still want to have apps available outside the App Store to have enhanced functionality and customization on their phones. So, jailbreak to download a plethora of apps through Cydia.
    2. Siri is another feature of your iPhone 6s that can be enhanced further with a jailbroken device. It can simply carry out greater number of commands on your jailbroken iPhone.
    3. Jailbreak also allows you to change the default apps on your iPhone 6s. For instance, if you want to use Chrome on your iOS device rather than Safari then you should get your device jailbroken.
    So, there are quite a few benefits that you can get with jailbroken iPhone 6s. But you should first learn how to jailbreak iPhone 6s that we have detailed in this article.

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