PSA: Apple Calendar Time zone complication baffles me, but there’s a quick fix

    It often happens that something puzzles you a lot, and after a long time, you realize that there was an easy solution in the meanwhile. So if someone else has ever gone through the Apple Calendar Timezone trouble, let me give out about it.

    My personal opinion about the problem is that it arises due to a kind of random error by Apple, which most probably indicates the life of senior Cupertino execs much more than a typical Mac or iPhone user.

    Apple Calendar Timezone complication:

    After you enter a new Calendar event, it will definitely default to your present timezone, that’s absolutely reasonable.

    In case the event is for a planned journey, in which your timezone will be other, then you can choose the respective timezone from a drop-down. All is good once you really enter that timezone: the event is displayed at the right time.

    But the issue takes place before that, when you are still in your own timezone, all the events are displayed at the fixed time.

    Take a real-life example: Right now I am in London, but added an event on 4 January, in Las Vegas at 5 pm. When I pick the Pacific timezone, the event bounces, and is now displayed as January 6 at 1 am.

    Practically, it’s right: When I sit down to dinner at 5 pm in Vegas, it will actually be 1 am the next day in London. But I don’t need to either understand or bother about that, and it becomes very difficult to depict my timetable whenever I am viewing it earlier.

    It seems I understand the idea:

    It hit me hard constantly, if I look at my timetable, it displays completely the incorrect time(and sometimes days also). Only due to the fact that I’m in my home timezone while looking at it. For me, it made much more sense to show them at the right time always.

    Anyhow, I believe that these conclusions are made by Apple execs, who I) give half their lives probably to the conference calls and II) travel too much. This is the only condition where the error proves out. In case you get a call at 2 pm Cupertino time and take a flight to Hangzhou in China, then you must be aware of the local time for the call. That condition is perfectly handled by Apple Calendar.

    However, the majority of us think that the error is unsubstantial.

    Luckily, there is an easy fix:

    There comes an option called Floating, whenever you select the timezone. This means that irrespective of your current timezone, the event will always be shown at your selected time.

    In this way, if I set 5 pm dinner time for Vegas, it will continually be shown as 5 pm either I watch my calendar before the time from London, whilst I’m really present there.

    It only gets a single bullet at the bottom of Apple’s support document and is a bit hidden in the dropdown, so I think I am not the only person who didn’t realize that the option already existed there.


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