Try This Qi Charging Powerbank For Wirelessly Powering Your iPhone On The Move

    As it often happens, whenever you’re about to believe that you have seen everything, somebody steps forward to share something new with you. There have been lots of phone cases which come with their built-in battery packs, and we have also come across variety of wireless charging devices too.

    In fact, we have even come across products that combine these two smartphone charging options, but what if we introduce you to something even better? Yes, here we have the latest 10000 mAh battery powerbank which is capable of charging your iPhone effortlessly and the best part is that it gives you a wireless charging option while you are on the move. And, that’s all been made possible thanks to the suction cups that come built into it.

    You can order the product right away from here in order to avail an additional discount of 20% from the original price. All you’ll have to do is to use PBWISUC10OFF promo code while checking out. The wireless charger we are talking about here is Qi-compatible and also comes equipped with USB-C connector as well. However, when you have to get the power transferred into your smartphone, it is all wireless and it is all without any kind of hassle whatsoever.

    With lots of suction cups placed right at its face, the charger can be easily attached at the back of your iPhone and make a perfect pair for mobility. You can, in fact, consider it as a kind of leach, but it’s the one that is giving you back rather than taking from you. Yes, it may sound a bit strange to you but it also sounds quite amazing as well.

    So, here is what else you can expect from this Qi-charging powerbank of yours.

    • Impressive 10000mAh battery that serves several recharges as you move
    • Strong suction cups that allow for sticking the powerbank to back of your smartphone allowing you to charge your phone wirelessly and untethered
    • LED indicators for displaying the amount of charge left in your powerbank
    • Two USB-A ports for charging devices with wired connection
    • Charging capability up to 3 devices simultaneously – one wireless and two wired
    • Wireless charging option for compatible Android or iPhone at 5W speed
    • Up to 12W power output support for wired charging through USB
    • High-density built-in LiPo battery
    • Powerbank charging option with USB-C and Micro USB cable
    • Built-in safety options for prevention of overheating and overcharging
    • Available in black and white finishes

    So, as mentioned in the list above, if you are in need of charging 3 different devices simultaneously, you can do that with this new powerbank. That is courtesy its USB-A ports as well as USB-C port which is solely used to get power into this battery back.

    If you have ever wondered how and where suction cups are used, here we probably have the best use of them as they help the powerbank pair up with your smartphone as you move. So, what are you waiting for then? It’s a limited stock offer and you should definitely place your order right away to enjoy the discount being given.

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