(PRODUCT) RED iPhone 8 And iPhone 8 Plus Launched By Apple With Red Back And Black Front

    It’s been quite some time now since iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X have gone on sale but we’ve something new from Apple as it announces a refresh for part of its product line introducing iPhone 8 family in a new (PRODUCT) RED color.

    In the past, we’ve seen Apple introducing some of the products in the same (PRODUCT) RED configuration and iPhone 7 as well as iPhone 7 Plus came in red variants during March 2017. However, unlike previous year, the (PRODUCT) RED models of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will be coming with a vibrant and shiny red finish on glass back and there’ll be a red-colored aluminum shell frame, all-back front bezels, and a silver-colored Apple logo right in the center of the back.

    The expectations of this new iPhone 8 line were put out this last weekend as it was suggested in an internal Virgin Mobile memo leak that new iPhones will become part of the inventory on 9th of April.

    Apple has supported this (PRODUCT) RED variation for last 11 years and it’s been continuously backing this campaign for supporting HIV and AIDS programs all over the world. As a certain amount from the sales will be donated to the cause, (PRODUCT) RED iPhones are definitely bigger than simply a color upgrade and also come with plenty of other options as well.

    “The (PRODUCT) RED special edition iPhones come with stunning red & black color combination besides offering customers a chance to play their part in fighting agains AIDS and HIV,” said Greg Joswiak, VP of Product Marketing at Apple. “iPhone 8 and 8 Plus get an upgrade on almost everything we love in these phones, including the smartest and most powerful chip ever featured in smartphones with A11 Bionic, more beautiful Retina HD displays and even better cameras for incredible videos and photos. We’re proud to support RED with our new iPhone and hope that customers will take it equally special as we do.”

    Apple’s (PRODUCT) RED iPhones, essentially, are the exact same thing as already available devices with same configurations except the color difference. If you’re already an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus owner and have the samrtphone in one of the existing colors, you’re definitely not missing out on anything except the color.

    Apple will be accepting orders for its new (PRODUCT) RED iPhones starting from Tuesday, 10th of April, after 5:30 am Pacific Time. The new iPhones will be in stores starting from Friday, 13th of April in the US, Canada, Australia, France, China, Hong Kong, Germany, New Zealand, Japan South Korea, UK and Singapore. The availability of the new iPhones in other countries including Brazil, Ireland, Denmark, Malaysia, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Sweden, Spain, Taiwan, Switzerland, Thailand and the UAE is expected later this month. Chile, Columbia, Israel, Turkey, India and other countries are expected to see the new iPhones in May.

    Besides the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models, the manufacturer has also launched (PRODUCT) RED special edition Leather Folio Case made for the iPhone X model and it will be in stores from tomorrow.

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