How To Restart iPhone 7 – The New Way

    In iPhone 7 Apple has introduced non-moving capacitive touch to replace that conventional Home button. This new interface is powered by the Taptic Engine that is also amongst the new features introduced by Apple. It allows new home button to offer better interactive feedback to the users; however, there isn’t any physical button that you can push for rebooting your iPhone 7. All the iPhone models that were launched before iPhone 7 allowed users to force restart their device in case of any issues with the hardware or software. This could be done by pressing home button and holding it together with sleep/wake button. However, due to the changes made by Apple to the new iPhone 7, the capacitive touch can’t help you with hard rebooting the phone.

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    How To Restart iPhone 7

    How To Restart iPhone 7 - The New Way

    As discussed earlier, Apple iPhone 7 doesn’t come with conventional Home Button and, therefore, a different button sequence has now been introduced to force restart iPhone 7. In order to reboot your iPhone, you will have to press the volume down and sleep/wake buttons together and hold them for around 10 seconds at least. You can release the buttons as soon as the Apple logo shows up. The device will take few moments before it restarts.

    How To Reboot Older iPhones

    How To Restart iPhone 7 - The New Way

    The hard reboot option mentioned above is only applicable to iPhone 7 as well as iPhone 7 Plus. But if you have an older iPhone then you can stick to that same old combination of Home Button and Sleep/Wake button for hard restarting your iPhone. You don’t need to get into any other troubles whatsoever.

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    When You Should Opt To Hard Reboot iPhone7

    How To Restart iPhone 7 - The New Way

    It is important to mention here that you should only try this hard reboot option if the device is completely frozen and you can’t do anything about it. Also try this only if the device can’t be restarted using normal procedure i.e. holding sleep/wake button till “slide to power off” option appears on the screen.

    A Word Of Caution

    How To Restart iPhone 7 - The New Way

    Hard restarting your iPhone 7 might lead to corrupting applications or data loss. Hence, you need to be careful and make sure that you only go for this option when troubleshooting your device and when no other choice is available.

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