Revive Your Macbook Pro Touch Bar By Adding Reddit Interface With BetterTouchTool

    Ever heard of the “BetterTouchTool” for MacBook Pro TouchPad? Well, it is the creation of Andreas Hegenberg, a developer from Germany.The app gives you full control over your MacBook Pro Touchbar and lets you do different things as you like. Basically, the “BetterTouchTool”app allows you to create custom buttons for the Touch Bar and manage them. These custom buttons can be set for use in all the apps or you can create special buttons that you can use in specific apps. Even each of the buttons can be used for performing various functions as well.

    Revive Your Macbook Pro Touch Bar By Adding Reddit Interface With BetterTouchTool

    Besides all the functionalities and custom features you can add to your MacBook Pro with BetterTouchTool, you can add the popular social media platform “Reddit” to your TouchBar as well. Recently, the tool was used by a Reddit enthusiast and owner of MacBook Pro to create the Reddit interface for the Apple’s device. This interface allows the users to have access to their RSS feeds and subRedditSubscriptions. Basically, it works by linking you quickly to certain Safari pages and is actually organized using the channels of Reddit.

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    This is simply something great about the BetterTouchTool as it allows you to add customized functionality to your MacBook. Talking specifically about the Reddit thing, you can do whatever you can name with it from quick linking lots of different subRedditsand opening new Note on a single tap to switching between chat rooms on Slack. You can easily download and set it up to take advantage of lots of handy pre-made templates.

    So, if you are interestedin setting up the Reddit interface for your MacBook Pro Touch bar, you can simply download the BetterTouchTooland enjoy the power of Reddit on your MacBook Pro!

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