How To Set Up iOS Controller And Play Games With It On Your iPhone/iPad

    iPad/iPhonehas really turned into smart gaming devices over the years. Most of the games are designed in a way that they work perfectly fine with touch screen. However, there are others that do not really play great if you try to control them with touch screen. It can be the case with traditional or classic games like first person shooting games. So, what other options do you have then? Well, you can try a compatible gamepad or iOS controller. Read on to find out how you can really rejuvenate your gaming experience on your iOS device.

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    Finding iOS Controllers And Gamepads

    How To Set Up iOS Controller And Play Games With It On Your iPhone/iPad

    There are many manufacturers who have introduced their own specific iOS controllers that are compatible with different versions of iOS. Though they do not match the quality of their console equivalents, some still offer a good gaming experience on iOS.

    A popular choice in this regard these days is SteelSeries Nimbus. The controller features comfortable design, great build quality, Lightning cable charging, and compatibility with Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone. When you go shopping, however, you must ensure that your chosen controller enlists “MFi” certification. The certification means your device conforms to “Made for iPad/iPhone/iPod” specifications.

    How To Use iOS Controller Or Gamepad With Your Device

    How To Set Up iOS Controller And Play Games With It On Your iPhone/iPad

    No matter which iOS controller you have chosen, you will have to follow similar steps for setting it up. Most of the controllers connect with your iPad/iPhone using Bluetooth and you just need to check the user guide of your chosen device to see how Bluetooth discovery can be activated on your device.

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    Once you know that, you will have to go to Settings > Bluetooth to turn on Bluetooth on your iPad/iPhone. Check “Other Devices” to see if the controller appears there or not. If the name of your controller is present there, tap it for pairing the two devices.

    Here, it is also important to mention that contrary to Bluetooth devices like wireless keyboards, only supported apps will recognize your iOS controller. Hence it may not be possible for you to use any non-supported apps or navigate iOS interface even after pairing the two devices.

    How To Find iOS Controller-Supported Games

    How To Set Up iOS Controller And Play Games With It On Your iPhone/iPad

    So, as you might have found by now that it is pretty straightforward to find an iOS controller or gamepad and then pair it with your iOS device. However, it can get a bit tricky when you have to find controller-enabled games as controller support is not clearly mentioned by Apple on App Stores, excluding that in Apple TV. In iOS games, you have to depend on the description of the game to determine if your controller will be supported on it or not.

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    The use of physical controller for playing iOS games can really give a new dimension to your mobile gaming experience. Though it’s a fact that iPad or iPhone may not be able to replace the dedicated consoles in near future but still iOS gaming using a controller can really change the way one used to play games in recent times.

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