How To Set Reminders Using Siri?

    Apple included the useful Reminders app on iPhone 4s which could be used with Siri. The app is a great solution for keeping you updated with your daily plans and lets you not to miss out on anything important. With this Reminders app, iPhone users can set reminders and view them and there is no need to add these reminders to calendar at all. All you have to do is to instruct Siri about your reminders and it only takes few seconds for setting up your to-do list.

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    How To Set Reminders Using Siri

    How To Set Reminders Using Siri

    If you want set reminders using Siri on your iPhone, here is the process to follow.

    1. Press & hold Home Button(A familiar chime could be listened that indicates Siri is all set to do what you want)
    2. Next you need to tell Siri about anything that you want to be reminded about. Talk to your iPhone as if you are giving certain commands such as “Remind me to thank Alfred for his present” or “Remember to buy bread and milk at 5 pm.”
    3. Now take a look at the screen for reviewing the reminders you have set or just listen to the confirmation that comes with from Siri.
    4. If you don’t want to change anything, tap or say “Yes” for setting up the reminders. However, if what you see is not what was intended then you can say “Cancel” and start the process all over again.

    Setting The Date and Time For The Reminder

    How To Set Reminders Using Siri

    If you’re setting reminders using Siri and forget to tell the date and time then Siri prompts you to immediately specify both these things. Here is how to do that.

    1. Press & hold home button(You’ll know when you’re prompted to input)
    2. Now say anything that you want to be reminded about
    3. Once you are prompted to specify time and date then tell siriexactly when it has to remind you about the things that you have said in previous step

    How To Set Location-Based Reminders Using Siri

    How To Set Reminders Using Siri

    As your iOS now has the capability to determine your location with its GPS feature, location-based reminders can also be set using Siri.

    1. Press the Home button and hold or just speak “Hey Siri” for activating it
    2. Now tell anything that you want Siri to remind you about and also specify the location. For instance, you can say “Remind me of trolling Rene at work”
    3. If something goes wrong then tap on Remove for cancelling the reminder

    Location-based reminders are also stored in the default list of reminders. In case if you want some revision it is possible to tell Siri that you want to “Change title” or “Change time” and specify the new title or time.

    Adding Reminders To Specific Lists Using Siri

    How To Set Reminders Using Siri

    If there are different lists in your Reminders area and each of these lists feature a certain type of reminders then you can instruct Siri to set reminders and place them in a particular list.

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    1. Activate Siri by pressing and holding Home button
    2. Set your reminder as instructed in previous sections but here you will also have to tell Siri the name of the List in which you want the reminder to go. For instance, you can say “Add milk in grocery list”.

    How To Preview Reminders

    How To Set Reminders Using Siri

    Here are the steps that you should follow for previewing all the reminders that you have set.

    1. Press & Hold your Home button for activating Siri
    2. Ask if there are any reminders. You can specify the time or day as well. For instance, you can say “Are there any reminders for tomorrow?” or “Are there any reminders for next week?”

    Siri will respond by giving you a list of reminders that you might have set for the specified day, for instance.

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