Setting Up Activation Lock On iOS Devices

As Apple released iOS 7, it also came up with a new Activation Lock feature for offering added security. The reason why apple introduced this feature was an alarming increase in the iOS device thefts. The activation lock on iOS devices works in combination with Find My iPhone feature of iCloud and the Apple ID of the user as it ties the device to the iCloud account. It allows users to be able to map their device’s location through built-in WiFi radios as well asGPS features. Besides, it also makes sure that the device is not activated from any other account than the one used to set it up the first time. Even factory restore doesn’t affect this setting and the same Apple ID is required for activating the device again.

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Activation Lock Setup Requirements

Here are a few requirements that you must fulfill for initiating the activation lock on your iOS device.

  • The iOS device must be running iOS 7 or later
  • Internet access
  • iCloud Account
  • Apple ID

You can create your Apple ID as well as iCloud account directly from your iOS device. It’s also possible to create the two in initial setup for new iOS devices.

How To Setup Activation Lock On iOS Devices?

How To Setup Activation Lock On iOS Devices

Here is how you can set up the activation lock on your device.

  1. Launch Settings/ iCloud
  2. Ensure that you have signed in using your Apple ID as well as iCloud account on your device
  3. Go to Find My iPhone (The service is disabled by default)
  4. Toggle it ON
  5. Tap on OK to confirm and enable the feature.

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You have now enabled the service successfully and your device is now tied to your Apple ID as well as iCloud account which you used for setting it up.

How To Use Activation Lock After Factory Restore?

How To Use Activation Lock After Factory Restore - Activation Lock on iOS Devices

Here are a few simple steps that you need to follow for using Activation lock feature once you have factory restored your device.

  1. If you want to test your Activation Lock, you must perform a factory restore on your device. It will remove all the settings you might have made manually.
  2. Once your iOS device reboots, it will load Welcome Screen. Now at bottom you will see “slide to setup” option, swipe it to proceed further.
  3. Select the preferred language.
  4. Select the country you belong to.
  5. Select your WiFi network for internet connectivity and then tap Nextonce you have entered the credentials.
  6. Now your iPhone/iPad will communicate with the iCloud servers of Apple and will make an activation attempt
  7. If you had previously set up the Activation lock on this device and you did not deactivate it properly then you will be taken to “Activate iOS Screen”. It means that your device is already linked to some Apple ID. The user is prompted to provide those credentials for continuing with setup process. Now if you don’t provide Apple ID or enter incorrect information, the activation process halts and unauthorized access is prevented.
  8. Providing correct credentials for Apple ID will take you further to activation check.
  9. Once you have authenticated to iCloud successfully, select “Enable Location Services”.
  10. Now the setup will ask you if you want to restore the device from backup or set it up as new.
  11. You will now be prompted to provide Apple ID details.
  12. Once you have entered all details, the servers from Apple will authenticate if the provided details are correct or not.
  13. The set up will proceed if the details are correct and then you will have to select “Use iCloud” option.
  14. Next, tap on “Use Find My iPhone”.
  15. After verifying your valid email to be used with FaceTime and iMessage, tap Next.
  16. The settings will now be updated by iCloud.
  17. Enter your new 4-digit passcode when asked.
  18. Confirm the new code by reentering it.
  19. The iCloud Keychain access lets your device to store passwords securely for use in future. Tap “Don’t Restore Passwords”. (You can enable it in Settings/iCloud anytime you want
  20. Now tap on “Continue” to proceed.
  21. Next, you will have to select whether you want to send diagnostics and user reports to Apple or not. Choose as you like.
  22. After completion of initial setup, tap on “Get Started” so that you can access the iOS device that you have just restored. The activation lock has also been enabled on your new device.

Even though getting your device secured with Activation lock on iOS does not mean that it won’t be stolen, but it can deter theft to a great extent. Anyone who steals away your activation locked device will not be able to use it at all unless correct credentials are provided.