The “Keep Downloaded” Option of iCloud to be Added in macOS Sequoia and iOS 18

    In macOS, iOS 18, and iPad OS 18, while browsing stuff on iCloud a latest ‘Keep Downloaded’ option has been included by Apple. This option is enabling the users to design which folders and files should perpetually remain accessible locally on their gadget.

    The Keep Downloaded Option of iCloud to be Added in macOS Sequoia and iOS 18

    In the past versions of macOS and iOS, there was restricted authority to the users over which folders and files were stored online. The automatic management system of iCloud would free up space in the device by offloading the files, possibly erasing the files you may desire to keep accessible all the time.

    There was no direct suggestion given by Apple to stop this, so far. When searching for the iCloud drive in Finder in the macOS Sequoia, a new ‘keep downloaded’ option shows up after right-clicking a folder or file. Once activated, the cloud icon adjacent to the item becomes opaque rather than transparent, showing that it would stay on the device.

    In iPadOS 18 and iOS 18, the exact option could be seen in Files app when you long press a folder or file to open the shortcut menu. Files can now be directly marked by users to be kept on the device, irrespective of the amount of space they occupy.

    The users who desire frequent availability of files or documents while travelling or in regions with poor connections, should specifically welcome this capability to stop iCloud items from offloading. iPadOS 18, macs Sequoia and iOS 18 are currently accessible in beta capacity, and are restricted to developers. The latest option needs to be accessible to every user at the public release of this software in the coming fall.

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