The New FlyPods Earphones From Huawei Are Essentially A Shameless Ripoff Of Apple AirPods

Huawei is known for often launching products which actually pay tribute to the Apple’s devices, and even though that is probably a bit more generous, it is worth remembering that the brand is also known for some of its own creative work as well.

The Honor spin-off from Huawei has announced some latest wireless earphones and it won’t be wrong to say that they have a close resemblance to AirPods – something that Apple has already been making for almost a couple of years now.

Dubbed as FlyPods and the FlyPods Pro, latest Bluetooth 5.0 earphones come with an IP54 rating for water resistance as well as charging case which looks just too much similar to charging case that we have had with AirPods. Some differences do exist, however, and a good example is that you can buy them in either teal or white colors.

If you choose to go with FlyPods from Apple, expect 420mAh batteries that last for almost 3 hours after a single charge. It can go up to 20 hours courtesy the charging case that these FlyPods come equipped with. Now, talking about the charging case, it is worth mentioning that you can even charge it using wireless Qi charger or a USB-C cable. Now, that’s something expected of the Apple AirPods for a long time.

Talking about similarities between the AirPods and FlyPods, they extend to the software being used in both the devices as well. The Huawei Honor earphones use quite a similar display for battery status as AirPods when you open the charging case somewhere close to iOS devices.

That’s, probably, all about the FlyPods, but when it comes to FlyPods Pro, they have something known as BoneID technology and an exclusive red color. The BoneID tech is supposed to use a “bone sound pattern” recognition in combination with voice recognition for biometric authentication that unlocks a phone through voice. The technology may also be used for making payments on AliPay and WeChat.

The FlyPods as well as FlyPods Pro are expected to be available for sale from November 6th and will cost $115 and $143 respectively.

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