This Affordable Apple Pencil 2 Like Stylus Can Work With Your iPad Pro and Other iPad Models While Keeping The Costs Low

    If you’re an iPad owner, you’d like to try Apple Pencil at least once. However, what you might already know is that it is quite expensive. So, what options do you have then? Is there anything similar available with a low price tag? Well, yes! If you’re just interested in writing on your iPad, you might want to try out this Apple Pencil 2 alternative that costs of only $54.95 instead of a whopping $129.

    This new Apple Pencil 2-like stylus works perfectly on your iPad Pro as well as other iPad models. It costs you less than half of what you’d have to pay for the Apple’s product and is available in Black and White alternatives.

    Apple Pencil 2 Like

    Whether you want to write or draw something, the 1mm tip of Apple Pencil works perfectly to put accurate lines on your iPad’s display. It is made specifically for avoiding any marks on the screen of your tablet as well.

    The stylus comes in an aluminum build and it just works instantly. You don’t have to do any pairing or other such stuff which usually is the case with Apple Pencil. It uses USB-C for charging and can last for 20 hours of regular use in a single 1.5 hours charge. You don’t even have to buy new tips as an additional tip comes in the package.

    If you are wondering, it is compatible with lots of iPad models which usually is not the case with Apple Pencil 2 that is only compatible with the latest iPad Pro models.

    latest iPad Pro models

    Here’s a list of compatible devices

    • iPad (10.2”, 7th-generation, 2019 model)
    • iPad (9.7”, 6th-generation, 2018 model)
    • iPad Air 3 (10.5”, 2019 model)
    • iPad mini 5 (7.9”, 2019 model)
    • iPad Pro (11”, 2018 model)
    • iPad Pro (12.9”, 2018 model)
    • iPad Pro (11”, 2020 model)
    • iPad Pro (12.9”, 2020 model)

    latest iPad Pro models

    Is your iPad on the list above? If yes, you should buy this wonderful product right away as the stocks are depleting quickly already. Just hit that order button now and also enjoy the limited-time discount with the promo PEN2 when you check out. Remember, the promo code is applicable for a limited time only. Go ahead with your purchase now and enjoy a wonderful experience with this new stylus.

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