This iPhone X Mod Replaces The Lightning Port With USB-C: Check Out Now

    For many years, iPhone users have been expecting Apple to introduce a USB-C port in their iPhones. But, the Cupertino-based manufacturer has always preferred to stick to Lightning for reasons best known to them only.

    Things have gone even worse since Apple moved its iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad Pro devices to USB-C. However, somebody has taken the lead now to splice a USB-C port into an iPhone X.

    A YouTube Short shared by engineer Ken Pillonel shows an iPhone taking advantage of this long-awaited hardware upgrade. That also includes sending data over a connection, and not just powering up the device. There is no big change to the looks of the device, making it feel so ridiculous from Apple to stick to the Lightning port despite such huge demand for USB-C.

    “This is it. I’ve finally built the World’s First iPhone with a USB Type-C port. It supports charging and data transfers. The first part was about getting the electronics to work. Then the next step was to reverse-engineer the Apple C94 connector and make my own PCB with a female USB C port. Then the schematics for the project were set and tested, and the final was to make it fit inside the iPhone! I’m very happy to show you this mod in the form of a Youtube Short.”

    It’s been a few months since Pillonel has been working on the said project and promises to soon share a complete video with all details outlining the process. Let’s hope somebody from the engineering department at Apple watches this and, maybe, they take it seriously. Until then, we’ll have to continue using our iPhones with Lightning.

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