This MagSafe Wireless Charger Is Better Than Apple’s Version With Inbuilt Foldable Kickstand and USB-C Power Adapter

    We have all the great things to say about the MagSafe magnetic wireless charger from Apple, but there’s something that would make the Apple’s offering even better.

    Yes, we all miss some type of foldable kickstand add-on so that the charger could be turned into a stand and something for powering an iPhone. Fortunately, we have exactly that on offer from a different company and it is available at quite a bargain. The best thing about this new offering is that it is available with USB-C power adapter included in the package. Yes, you don’t get that with Apple’s MagSafe charger.

    The MagSafe charger is available here only for $39, and you can click here to get two for just $59 by using the promo code MAGKIC21 when you check out.

    “What we have here is magnetic charger that supports fast Qi wireless charging, has USB-C power adapter included for fast charging, and best of all, it also comes with built-in foldable Kickstand at one end where the magnetic pluck is.”

    This thing is very good for watching TV shows and movies as you charge your device easily. Also, there is no need to hold your device as you do so. The charger also comes with a strong magnet and your iPhone will stick to it rather nicely.

    So, what are you waiting for then? Get your orders in now and take advantage of the promo code today!

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