Try This Cool Keychain With In-Built Apple Watch Charger & Power Bank

    We are living in the technological world of 2018 where keeping our tablets and smartphones fully charged is comparatively easier and it’s mostly because modern technology has allowed us to do so in lots of different possible ways.

    Whether you are using some wireless charging, high-powered charger, or even some battery pack, there isn’t any shortage of options to charging your gadgets. For Apple Watch owners, however, things have started getting a bit more complicated.

    There’s a very simple reason behind that, however, and it’s the fact that Apple Watch relies on a specific wireless charger type which means you just cannot charge your Watch with something else. It is very much possible that you can carry the original charging cable of your Apple Watch with you everywhere, but that may not sound to be too practical for most of us.

    Well, how’d you like it if somebody had told you that you have another option available for having your Watch charger readily available everywhere, without any need of picking up the cable as you leave home? Yes, that’s quite possible with the battery power bank we have here for you. It is small enough that you can even attach it to the keychain you carry with you all the time. What’s even better is that if you’re planning to buy a couple of them from here, each of them would cost you only around $33.95 rather than the original $60 price. And, that’s possible courtesy PBD15 promo code which you can use while checking out. That really is something special.

    The power bank features a 950mAh battery which enables it to charge your Apple Watch around three times in one charge. You can connect it easily with your keychain, backpack, or pocket with the help of a carrying ring so that it’s with you wherever you go and whenever you need it. And, when you have to charge the battery pack of your Apple Watch, all you have to do is to plug one of your micro USB cables into the power bank and connect it with the Watch. That’s it.

    All that really sounds amazing? Yes, it does. As mentioned above, you can now pick up a couple of them only for $33.95 a piece, or buy one for only $39.95. The delivery of these items is free. So, if you have an Apple Watch already and you have to travel a lot, that’s the accessory that you should definitely be buying today.

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