How To Unlock Your Locked iPhone Running iOS 12-11.4.1 With ICCID And R-SIM Changing Trick

    There’s a latest discovery about iOS platform of Apple that allows users to factory unlock their iOS devices to all the networks with the help of R-SIM and direct modification to the ICCID. Once the process is completed, the said devices can work with the SIM card of any network out there without any need of R-SIM.

    Hearing about the new iOS vulnerabilities is something common for the iPhone/iPad users but the discoveries typically come from the security researchers. These vulnerabilities are then used for finding out new ways to jailbreak iPhone or iPad.

    It happens rarely, in the modern iOS world at least, that we have such a thing discovered which is related uniquely to unlocking devices and making sure that factory locked devices are enabled to be used on all the networks without requesting Apple or locked carrier for interjection. With right tools, however, and by following an appropriate process, it’s very much possible and here we’ll be showing you how you can do that. The best thing is that the process doesn’t require you to jailbreak your iOS device.

    Below are the steps to follow in order to unlock your locked iPhone running iOS 11.4.1. It is possible that Apple will come up with a patch some time in future. For now, it works without any issues.

    Note: Before you start, it is important to know that the process will require an R-SIM for it to work. You can find it here. And, once you have that, follow the steps given below to unlock your iOS device.

    1. Insert your unsupported SIM into the locked iPhone with R-SIM
    2. Launch the Phone app
    3. Type *5005*7672*99#
    4. Tap on Edit ICCID
    5. Now, type 8901-4104-2778-0604-3133
    6. Finally, restart your iOS device and then follow setup instructions
    7. When you’re back on Home Screen, just remove R-SIM and you’ll be able to use your own SIM card that was previously unsupported

    That’s all, you have done it! When you change ICCID, you’re actually leveraging a vulnerability which can unlock your device to be used with a SIM card from just about any network. Remember that it’s not something permanent and your device will again act like a factory locked iPhone if you choose to reset it or perform a hard reboot.

    You can, however, perform an over-the-air firmware update ensuring that the unlock is not disturbed. In case of a complete restore through iTunes, the unlock would be removed and all your hard would be undone.

    So, if you have a locked iPhone or iPad, you must give this a try and follow the steps given above to factory unlock it.

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