A Look At Ways Apple Music Will Be Better Than Beats Music

When Apple bought Beats, the first thing that happened was that Beats Music discontinued all its major consumer-facing development. Apple TV acquired channel for this service as the company began to push it to the iOS users. However, Beats Music never made it to Mac. And, when Apple Watch made its debut, it didn’t feature iTunes Radio as well as Beats Music. Comparing it to Apple Music, there are several features where Apple Music outsmarts it.

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Ways Apple Music Will Be Better Than Beats Music

So, let’s take a look at ways Apple Music will be better than Beats Music.

  1. Syncing All Your Subscription Music Into Apple Watch To Get Offline Playback

With the help of Apple Music, your Apple Watch can sync all your bought music or syncs stuff from iTunes to Music app you have installed on iPhone to offer untethered playback experience through speakers or Bluetooth headphones. That’s something which wasn’t offered by Beats Music as well as Spotify.

  1. CarPlayIs There In Apple Music

CarPlay was actually introduced by Apple and it actually announced Beats and Spotify as supported apps for subscription music. However, when CarPlay was introduced the iPhone app was introduced by Spotify but support never came from Beats Music as the development was stopped by Apple when they purchased Beats.

Apple Music, however, is cooked into Music app on iPhone and allows members to save music into their libraries. What this means is that CarPlay experience in Apple Music must be equally good as the Music app gave with CarPlay. Now, this must be great news for CarPlay users as CarPlay app of Spotify is notoriously under developed and buggy and we never had CarPlay app for Beats Music.

  1. First Ever Siri-Controlled Subscription-Based Music Service

Siri became quite smarter with iOS 9 as contextual awareness was added along with activities based on music. Members could also control Apple Music using Siri as well which allowed voice assistant for the first time to access the subscription-based music service. Now, that means members of Apple Music could ask Siri simply to add new albums to their Music libraries with just one voice command which obviously was a lot quicker as compared to buying albums on iTunes.

Siri already had control over different parts of the iTunes Radio as well as the content bought through Music app, but its capabilities with the Beats Music app didn’t go any further than simply asking to launch it. And, obviously, voice assistant isn’t integrated with Spotify. In case of Apple Music, Siri could be used for accessing almost everything on iTunes Store and this really came as an amazing upgrade in the overall experience.

  1. Family Pack Makes A Comeback And Is Even Better

Before Apple actually purchased Beats Music, it went through an exclusive promotional campaign through AT&T around group pricing that was aimed at families willing to have shared access to the Music service. A monthly subscription could be bought for only $10 which could them be shared with family members. However, it allowed for limited simultaneous playback and didn’t allow users to personalize their experience that easily. AT&T subscribers could pay $15 a month and everyone on their account was entitled to their own username for Beats Music so that the service could be used independently. This promotion also ended when Apple purchased Beats Music and that lead families to pay $10 every month for accessing subscription service.

Apple Music, however, brought back that $15 a month family subscription that was first offered by Beats Music. Apple Music takes advantage of its AT&T capabilities and doesn’t require you to buy subscription of a particular carrier for getting desired access. Family Sharing allows for a maximum of six Apple IDs and the same limit applies to Apple Music family pack. Nevertheless, $15 each month turns out to be way better as compared to $60 overall for six family members. For couples, however, $15 per month plan of Apple Music will help in saving $60 per year over the rate offered by Beats Music for 2 users and this certainly makes new service from Apple way more competitive.

  1. Subscription Music From Apple Finally Makes It To Macs And PCs

If you’re a frequent listener to Beats Music on your PC or Mac, this one really is a big deal for you. Beats Music access on desktop requires a Flash Player and web browser to be installed. However, when it comes to background playback, it’s quite horrible and doesn’t offer offline mode. Besides, it does not take advantage of hardware controls similar to iTunes. So, the overall experience turns out to be quite horrible. Besides, nobody really uses the service from web browser in daily routine. Spotify, on the other hand, offers a reasonable app for Mac which performs in exactly the same way as you’d like some native desktop application to do.

As far as Apple Music is concerned, it directly integrates with iTunes on PCs as well as on Macs. Though iTunes is not so popular among all the Apple users, but with new Beats Music version coming to Mac through dedicated app really is something that matters.

  1. Global Availability

Now this last point of the ways Apple Music will be better than Beats Music turns out to be quite important. When the Apple Music service was first launched, it was accessible in more than 100 countries. On the contrary, Beats Music only made it to just one country i.e. the US. Previously when Apple used iTunes Radio for streaming music, the service could only be extended to Australia outside of the US. With the launch of Apple Music, however, Apple secured rights to provide the streaming service by aligning it with iTunes Store which allowed users from more than 100 countries outside the US to take advantage of new streaming service.

Are There Any Shortfalls That Come With All These Benefits?

Well, many Beats Music users still like that dark theme but, obviously, that’s more of a preference in taste. The redesigned Apple Music app actually gets some inspiration from Beats in terms of familiar interactions such as adding photos with the playlists and swiping to switch between different tabs.According to Apple, the Apple Music app comes with just about everything we had and loved in the Beats Music app.

In short Apple Music provides quite a few benefits over Beats including Apple Watch and CarPlay support, an amazing experience on Mac, broader availability and family plans all of which make it a better choice than Beats Music. So, we don’t have to lose too much comparing Apple Music to Beats as there are so many ways Apple Music will be better than Beats Music.

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