What Does iOS Stand For And What Is It All About?

    Whether you have just started using Apple’s products or you’re a long time iPhone/iPad user, it is quite possible that you don’t know what does iOS stand for. So, before understanding what does it refer to, let’s try to find out what it actually is and what is it for.

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    What Is iOS?

    If you just want to get the basic answer for a layman’s understanding, iOS is something that makes the mobile devices from Apple to run as they should. You can turn your iDevices ON and run everything on them with the help of iOS. Basically, it’s the operating system with which your iDevices run. As for iDevices, these are the portable devices from Apple such as iPhone/iPad and iPod. From turning on your iDevice to performing different tasks on it like setting brightness, securing it with passcode, using the WiFi, and even getting the interface to use your iPhone/iPad/iPod, everything is governed by iOS.

    What Does iOS Stand For?

    Coming to the acronym ‘iOS’ and what does iOS stand for, the OS here means operating system. The ‘i’ refers to mobile devices that are also known as iDevices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. So, we can say iOS stands for iDevice Operating System and it allows you to actually operate your mobile device and run all sorts of apps you want on your device. The features that Apple adds to its iOS with every version that is released are referred to as ‘iOS updates’ and there is a number associated with each version that identifies it uniquely.

    A Brief History

    The ‘i’ branding was first used by Apple in 1998 with iMac. And, when Steve Jobs announced it he shared its primary meaning to have come from marriage of internet’s excitement with Macintosh’s simplicity. Jobs added that ‘i’ also means several other things as well.

    The next year, Jobs unveiled ‘iBook’as consumer notebook of Apple. And, then a couple of years later iPod was unveiled in a media event. It was then that ‘i’ branding turned into household name for iPod before Apple released iPhone, the first smartphone, in 2007. Three years later when Apple introduced its first iPad tablet in 2010, it also ran on iPhone operating system for short period until Apple released its mobile software’s 4th generation with new and more appropriate name for different devices it worked on. It was iOS 4.0 back then and ever since Apple releases a new update to iOS in fall every year.

    So, hopefully you know what does iOS stand for now. There are many new features added to iOS over the years and it has now become more sophisticated than ever before. In fact, it’s getting better and better with every passing year and there is more to come for sure with Apple expanding its resources and capabilities more than ever.

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