Why Jailbreak Your iPhone Even In 2020? The Perfect Setup For iOS 13.5

    Jailbreak once used to be something pretty common among the iPhone users. But do you still need to jailbreak your iPhone even today in 2020? Well, for a perfect iOS 13.5 setup, Yes!

    It’s not something that one might have predicted, but as it turns out, the year 2020 is going to be the jailbreak year after iPhone/iPad hacking made a true comeback lately. It has been made possible as we already have the jailbreak for iOS devices that works with any device running the latest iOS 13.5. However, the question remains – why go for jailbreak even in 2020?

    Jailbreaking once used to be a way of getting a few additional features to your device such as multitasking and something that ultimately turned into the control center. Now, however, we have all that stuff built into the iOS devices and much more comes along with that. So, how to fit jailbreaking into 2020?

    As it turns out, we still have many options where jailbreaking could help achieve great results even in 2020. There are a few tweaks that are probably making things possible for a perfect iPhone experience. The tweaks listed below are worth giving a try and they’d make your perfect choice to elevate your iPhone experience in 2020.

    • Jellyfish,, $1.99
    • Complications,, $1.99
    • Photon,, $2.99
    • Edge,, Free
    • SnowBoard,, Free
    • Bubblegum Glyphs icons,, $2.00
    • Xen HTML,, Free
      • MING,, Free
      • LS Mune Neon Edition,, Free
    • XenInfo,, Free
    • Cylinder, BigBoss, Free
    • Velox Reloaded,, $2.99
    • InstaLauncher 2,, $3
    • Scorpion,, $2.99
    • HomePlus Pro,, $2.49
    • FloatyDock, BigBoss, Free
    • CharMix Xen HTML Widget,, $0.99
    • AutoUnlockX,, Free
    • TweakRestrictor,, Free
    • QuitAll,, Free

    Even though it’s not necessary for you to install all the tweaks on the list above, but you’re surely going to enjoy a few of them. Learn how to install each of these tweaks and what they are all about and turn your iPhone into a dream experience in 2020.

    In case, you haven’t tried a jailbreak yet, just follow our guide on how to jailbreak iPhone and follow all the instructions to enjoy a hassle-free jailbreak experience.

    If you’ve upgraded to iOS 13.5.1 accidentally, it is still possible to downgrade to an earlier version. Yes, that’s possible because Apple hasn’t stopped signing iOS 13.5 as yet.

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