Apple Music On Mac And iOS – Tips For Having A Perfect Experience

    Apple Music is really a popular service for music lovers and the number of Apple Music users is continuously on the rise ever since its inception. However, if you have just started using Apple Music on Mac or your iOS device, and are finding it a bit difficult to figure out how to make the most of it, you really need some tips and tricks to improve your experience. Here are some tips that you should be taking into consideration so that you can enjoy using the app to the fullest.

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    Improve Suggestions In ‘For You’ Tab In Apple Music On Mac And iOS

    Apple Music gives you a ‘For You’ tab that features music suggestions according to your preferences and taste. Here, you get access to tracks that Apple believes you will love and these suggestions are based on artists which you had named at the time of signing up. Besides, Apple also takes into account the listening habits that you have pursued ever since. However, if Apple has taken it all wrong and it is not giving you the most relevant suggestions, you can improve the experience. Just tap & hold a track and then choose ‘I Don’t Like This Suggestion’ in the pop-up.

    The same thing can be done in iTunes when using Apple Music on Mac or your Windows PC. Just click three dots that appear in front of a result, select ‘Recommend Less Like This’ and the app will record your feedback for giving better suggestions in future. The method works fine on albums as well as playlists but remember that offending tracks won’t be removed immediately, at least for now.

    Connect Shazam And Apple Music

    This might not have been possible before iOS 9.3 updateas only after the update developers were able integrate Shazam and Apple Music. The integration works relatively well, though.

    Connect Shazam And Apple Music-Apple Music On Mac And i

    So, for connecting the two services, you will first have to upgrade to iOS 9.3 at least and then follow below steps.

    1. Download Shazam app and launch it
    2. Browse to the tab labeled My Shazam and tap that cog towards top right side of the screen
    3. When inside Settings menu, tap on ‘Connect to Apple Music’. Grant permission when the dialogue box appears

    If your desired songs are on Apple Music, they can be played directly from Shazam and you won’t have to leave the app. For accessing that song and the album featuring it, follow Listen in Apple Music link. If you want to add a particular song to a playlist, hit playlist button towards the top right side and specify your desired playlist.

    Show Offline Music Only

    If you don’t have much of data left on your plan, you can choose to see only those songs that have already been synced to the device you’re using Apple Music on. Here is how you can do that.

    Show Offline Music Only -Apple Music On Mac And


    1. In My Music, tap on drop-down appearing on top
    2. A menu will show up, put a check on Only Downloaded Music

    However, make sure that this setting is turned off once you have access to data as you won’t get access to entire library of yours unless you do that. If mobile data is quite precious to you and you don’t want to use it with Apple Music you can turn it off completely by following the steps below.

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Tap Music
    3. Disable ‘Use Mobile Data’ option

    You can also enable high quality streaming if you have unlimited mobile data available. The same menu is used for enabling that as well.

    Access History To Check Out Recently Played Tracks

    If you want to check out your recently played tracks to listen to them again, Apple Music allows you to access history for that. If you want to do that on your iOS device then you will have to go to Now Playing and tap that bar at bottom of screen and then tap that Up Next icon which appears like three dots and three lines. Once in the queue, you can scroll up and reveal the playback history and play any track you like.

    The same thing can be done with Apple Music on Mac as well. Here the process differs a bit though. You have to click queue icon on main display and then tap clock icon in order to reveal the list of all songs that you might have played recently.

    Radio station history is also accessible both on your desktop and mobile device in Recently Played section under Radio tab. Just tap it and full list will be right in front of you.

    Create Your ‘Loved’ Playlist

    There is a heart button right next to albums, playlists and songs which Apple is going to use for delivering better suggestions. Basically, it is used for marking things as your favorites. But, unfortunately, there isn’t any single place where all your favorite stuff can be accessible. However, you can use iTunes on your Mac to set up your smart playlist where all the songs you have ever loved will be displayed together. What’s even better is that it syncs to all your devices and is updated automatically as well. Here is how you can create your smart playlist.

    Create Your ‘Loved’ Playlist-Apple Music On Mac And iOS


    1. Launch iTunes on your Mac
    2. Click on New in File Menu
    3. Click Smart Playlist
    4. Select ‘Loved’ option in the box that shows up. It will appear in first drop-down list
    5. Select ‘is true’ from second drop-down list
    6. Enter a name for your new playlist
    7. Click ‘OK’ and you’re done

    You can now move to your iPhone/iPad and see that your Loved playlist will appear there as well. Remember that it will show on your iOS device only if you have enabled iCloud Music Library on both your devices.

    Also, the playlist will show only songs that you’ve ‘Loved’. And if you’ve ‘Loved’ a complete album or playlist then it will not appear completely in the playlist.

    Make Everything Accessible Offline

    As of now it is not possible to download the complete library, but you can work things around to easily access everything offline. Remember, however, that this should only be tried if you have lots of space available on your iPhone/iPad or Mac.

    When trying this trick on iOS,here are the steps to follow:

    1. Browse My Music tab on your device
    2. Tap to expand drop-down list
    3. Select Genres
    4. Tap three dots in front of all entries and tap ‘cloud-with-arrow’ symbol for downloading that entire genre to the iOS device you’re using.
    5. Repeat for all subsequent genres and download everything

    The same thing can be done through iTunes on your Mac as well. Here are the steps to follow:

    1. Browse My Music tab
    2. Click Artists/Albums/Songs button that you can see in top-right corner of the screen
    3. Select Genres
    4. Control-click every genre separately and select ‘Make Available Offline’ option and everything will be downloaded to your machine.

    So, these are some of the tricks that you can try with Apple Music on Mac and iOS to enjoy a better experience overall. Do things as per your own preferences though as every option described above may not help your cause. So, it is better that you just pick and choose to make the most of your Apple Music experience whether you are using a Mac or an iOS device.

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